The Ministry of Defense announced on the 19th that Chinese and Russian bombers flew jointly over Japan.

On the 18th, it was confirmed that ships of both countries passed through the Tsushima Strait one after another, and the Ministry of Defense is increasing caution, saying that peculiar movements are continuing.

According to the Ministry of Defense, on the 19th, two Chinese bombers and two Russian bombers flew over the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea, and then passed between the main island of Okinawa and Miyako Island to the Pacific Ocean. about it.

After that, the four aircraft returned to the East China Sea in the form of turning back on a similar route, and the Air Self-Defense Force's fighters scrambled = emergency launch and guarded, and there was no violation of airspace.

This is the third time the Ministry of Defense has announced a joint flight of Chinese and Russian troops around Japan since December last year.

On the other hand, on the 18th, the Maritime Self-Defense Force confirmed that two Chinese Navy missile destroyers and one frigate destroyer and one Russian Navy destroyer went south one after another in the Tsushima Strait and went out from the Sea of ​​Japan to the East China Sea. Did.

The Tsushima Strait is an "international strait" and is internationally recognized for the navigation of foreign vessels, including warships.

According to Ministry of Defense officials, due to the close timing and location, there is a possibility that the navigation of ships and the joint flight of bombers may be coordinated.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced on the night of 19th that one Chinese Navy vessel "has been judged to have sailed in the territorial waters of Japan" around Yakushima in Kagoshima Prefecture, and peculiar movements are continuing in terms of security. As a result, we are analyzing the purpose and increasing our vigilance.