The GRIG (Research Group on Infections During Pregnancy) and the CNGOF (National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians) co-signed a press release reported by BFMTV on Wednesday.

He announces their wish to open to women who are already pregnant or planning to be so access to the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.

Indeed, until now, only people over 65 and those at risk of contracting a severe form of the disease could get this booster dose six months after the last dose.

In order to support their recommendations, the two learned societies reported "scientific data" which would demonstrate the importance of this access given the factors of reduced immunity over time and the vulnerability of pregnant women.

This vulnerability is all the more important if the person in question presents one of the comorbid factors of the disease.

"Safe" vaccines for pregnant women

“Studies have shown that vaccinated pregnant women are less often infected” explained the learned societies in their press release, therefore asserting that “it is proven that vaccination protects pregnant women”.

Conversely, it was also specified in the press release that none of the previously cited studies had been able to show a harmful effect of the vaccine on the proper development of the fetus in utero, on the risk of miscarriage or on complications. at birth.

They therefore recalled that vaccines were considered “safe” and “effective” for pregnant women according to these studies.

Those who were at least in their second trimester of pregnancy had also been able to access priority vaccination in France, from April 3.


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