"I'm just an ordinary person who wants to bring Dendon home"

  Do you still remember the Internet celebrity Shiba Inu that was auctioned on Ali on November 4th?

On that day, 480 people signed up to participate in the auction, which started at 500 yuan, which triggered more than 160,000 onlookers, and was finally delayed by nearly 5 hours. The bidder numbered A9977 was auctioned at a price of 160,010 yuan.

(This newspaper reported on November 5)

  Was this bidder impulsive, or did he have a loyalty to Deng Deng for a long time?

Many people want to know whether Denden is a good place in the end.

  The day before yesterday, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned that the bidder numbered A9977 had already paid the full amount, and there was still one week before the final payment deadline on November 15.

  Many people are not at ease with such a high price. Will they be taken away by the agency and become a tool used by others?

Will it be impulsive... With the new owner's voice, we are relieved a lot.

  Yesterday, Ali Auction also responded to the Qianjiang Evening News reporter: This matter is not a hype, the judicial auction is rigorous and serious.

  Bidder accepts interview: I photographed the listing, not because I wanted to be the focus

  Q: How did you notice that Dengdeng was auctioned?

Why did you participate in the shoot?

  Bidder: Actually, I noticed it during the first auction listing in 2018.

Because the pet auction was very special at the time, Deng Deng was also very cute.

I didn't participate in the shoot at the time because I thought it would be very popular.

I should be considered "eating melon" mentality.

Then, I also saw that the original owner appeared and the auction was suspended.

At that time, I felt that the story ended here.

  Unexpectedly, at the end of October, I received a text message saying that the "Shiba Inu" I had been following was about to be auctioned again.

I clearly remember that I received this text message in the afternoon.

That night, I have been very hesitant.

I always feel that it is telling me, "Our fate is still there."

I have been unable to let it go. I feel that Deng Deng carries the kindness of too many people, but I am also worried that if it is finally photographed by some live broadcast agency, it will become something that will be harvested.

After much deliberation, I feel that if I can't accept the worst ending, then I will write the ending myself.

So, that evening, I paid a 100 yuan deposit to sign up.

  My little daughter was still young. When I signed up that night, I asked her: "Dad is going to buy you a dog. Is this dog what you want?"

  "There should be many people who like this dog, it may be a bit expensive, so if you want to take it home, maybe your dad can't buy you toys before you graduate from kindergarten. Can you? Are you willing to take good care of it? "My daughter kept telling me: "Okay." So, I strengthened my determination.

  I have also kept pets before.

There are two dogs and cats, but they are neither dogs nor cats. They are both Chinese pastoral genus.

So I also know that 8 years old is considered an advanced age for a dog.

But I still hope it can come to me.

Because the meaning of life lies in experience, I hope that in the time around us, we can see more worlds, more people, and live a different life than in a pet school.

  Q: The bidding is fierce, do you remember how many times you have added the price?

Is there a psychological reserve price?

  Bidder: I joined the auction when the auction started on November 3rd.

My bid number is 9977.

From the 3rd to the 4th, I did experience too much during the bidding process: I tried several bids on the first day, but because I was quickly surpassed, the bid was not successful. Later, when I was still bidding, I encountered the mobile phone running out of battery.

That day, Ali Auction also broadcasted the entire auction bidding process live.

In fact, I was in the live broadcast room all the time, watching everyone's reaction.

  On the morning of the 4th, the price was just over 60,000.

At that time, I was still thinking that this price was far lower than my psychological price. It might be because the Alibaba auction live room has been guiding rational bidding, and everyone did not blindly increase the price.

Nearly 10 o'clock, I met an opponent and bit me very tightly.

Frankly speaking, my strategy at the time was that no matter how much the other party added, I only added 10 yuan to him each time.

I can't control the opponent's bid, but I can control the cost of surpassing him.

  At that time, I saw that many netizens in the live broadcast room were saying, is 9977 an organization?

Is 9977 a price increase robot?

I saw it all, I think it's nothing.

Because I am neither an institution nor a robot.

I'm just an ordinary person who wants to take Denden home.

  Just when the opponent was about to give up, a new bidder suddenly appeared.

My heart exploded at this time.

I don't know why he appeared at this time.

I'm afraid he is an organization, and I am afraid that he has a rhythm.

Then he added to 160,000 at a time.

At that time, many netizens in the live broadcast room were asking: "Did you give up on 9977?" I saw it all.

I was stuck in the countdown for a few seconds and added another 10 yuan, and then I found out that the other party had given up.

Only then did I realize that I might really be the new owner of Deng Deng.

  Q: 160,000 photos of Dengdeng, do your family know?

  Bidder: To be honest, my money didn't come from the wind.

So when I paid the balance last Friday, it was a piece of cake to make up the cash.

After I took the photo, my mother was always confused. She asked me what I was doing and why did I spend so much money to shoot a dog?

I said to her: "Mom, you told me a lot of things before, and now I hope they can come true in reality. Money should be spent where it is worthwhile, and people should do what they should do. Money is related to life. Compared, it’s not worth mentioning; but life is also very short.” I hope to make a story, Deng Deng carries too much love, hope and kindness.

I hope this story can stay, and I also gave this story to my daughter.

I hope she likes it.

  Q: Are you in Beijing now?

When do you plan to pick up Dengdeng?

  Bidder: I am not in Beijing now.

I am in a city quite far from Beijing.

Due to the epidemic, all flights from Beijing to consign pets to other places have been suspended. I cannot bring Deng Deng back to me, and I don't know when the handover will be completed.

I also hope that everyone can help think of a way to let Deng Deng come to me in a healthy and safe manner.

  Question: Deng Deng's live broadcast and auction have touched the hearts of many netizens, and they are also concerned about Deng Deng and the follow-up life of the new owner.

Do you consider sharing from time to time?

  Bidder: I am an ordinary person.

I photographed boarding, not because I wanted to be the focus.

  Today the court also contacted me, saying that the original owner of Deng Deng contacted them.

But now no matter what conditions the other party makes, I will not return Deng Deng to him.

  Many people care about Denden, and care about how well it is going.

How should I put it, I am a person who takes photos very poorly and does not know how to shoot videos, but I might give it a try.

Let’s see if we can send you some advertised life from time to time in the future, so that everyone who cares about it can rest assured.

  Also, Deng Deng will not change his name.

It will always be called Deng Deng.

  Reporter sorted out: Everyone cares about these issues

  Q: Who is the new owner of Deng Deng?

  Ali Auction: The new owner is a man.

This user is not from a live broadcast organization, nor does he want to use Dengdeng for profit.

  Question: After this judicial auction, the original owner of Deng Deng found the court again and wanted to return Deng Deng. Can this work?

  Jiahui Shengshi (auction agency commissioned by the court): This is true, but the court did not agree. The auction has ended.

  The new owner has paid attention to Deng Deng a few years ago. This auction was well thought out, and he quickly contacted us, paid all the money, and was sincere and responsible.

We are also very satisfied after getting to know it. We are happy for Denden and hope it will be happy.

  Q: What is the current status of Dengdeng?

Are you still at a pet school?

  Jiahui Shengshi: Currently, Dengdeng is in good condition. It is still stored in a pet school in Beijing. The new owner will pick it up in the future.

The new owner promised to come personally to go through the handover procedures, and then board them back to their new home.

  Q: Deng Deng has been in a pet school for so many years, how much does it cost to keep it?

Who will bear it?

  Jiahui Shengshi: The cost of its pet school is more than 40,000 yuan, which is paid by auction money.

Our reporter Sun Yan