[Explanation] Taking advantage of not going out to perform, Xi'an cerebral palsy youth Guo Jiayuan put on a kunqu opera costume alone, came to the village square, and started daily practice.

The winter sun is not warm, and the biting cold wind makes people just want to hide indoors, but Guo Jiayuan still turned on the sound, and he entered the world of opera in the open space paved with crops.

  Guo Jiayuan, 25, is a cerebral palsy patient who was raised by his grandmother.

The old man loves to listen to opera. Under her influence, Guo Jiayuan has developed a keen interest in Qin Opera, Henan Opera and other operas since childhood.

Among them, Kunqu Opera, known as "the ancestor of a hundred operas", is his favorite, and eventually it has become a dream he has been pursuing.

With the help of the Internet and other platforms, Guo Jiayuan began to learn Kunqu Opera by himself.

  [Concurrent] Xi'an Youth Guo Jiayuan

  Kunqu Opera has literary beauty, music beauty, dance beauty, and makeup beauty.

It is through these words that you can see some scenes.

  [Explanation] Kunqu Opera is known for its delicateness and elegance. It has strict requirements for "singing, reading and playing". Ordinary people still need to work hard to learn, not to mention that Guo Jiayuan is born with a disability.

But he did not admit defeat, and he chose the "Gu Men Dan" in "Sheng Dan Jing Mo Chou" without "self-knowledge".

Guo Jiayuan once laughed at himself, this is an ugly man who has dreamed of a beautiful woman.

  [Concurrent] Xi'an Youth Guo Jiayuan

  I learn this Kunqu opera, which is my physical condition, and my physical coordination is particularly poor.

Like some exercises, you have to practice for a long, long time to shake the sleeves and swing the sleeves. It is about half a month to a month to practice one movement.

  [Explanation] Cerebral palsy has made it difficult for Guo Jiayuan to find a job. In order to subsidize his family and continue to practice Kunqu Opera, he began to "play and practice" in various scenic spots and parks in Xi'an, earning money through street performances.

Guo Jiayuan has been cheering himself up from the initial cold scene, to gradually having audiences and some income.

  In order to master more skills, Guo Jiayuan went to Suzhou to learn Kunqu opera and got the help of mentors and friends.

During this period, he also used several times the effort of ordinary people to pass the National Kunqu Opera Grade Examination.

Along the way, Guo Jiayuan walked slowly and hard, but he thought he was lucky.

Guo Jiayuan said that it was because he didn't have too many choices that he found the way to learn Kunqu opera.

  Although in Guo Jiayuan’s view, his Kunqu opera career has just started, and the extent to which it can develop is still unknown, he still perseveredly told reporters the blueprint of his life and opened a Chinese opera studio to attract more people. Therefore, contact and learn Kunqu Opera and use the beauty of Kunqu Opera to infect more souls.

  [Concurrent] Xi'an Youth Guo Jiayuan

  I hope to use my own practical actions to encourage people with disabilities like me, or some people in society, who are more passive.

To infect and to motivate them.

  [Explanation] In front of the empty country stage, Guo Jiayuan sang his dream-loving words, spinning, clouding, swinging sleeves, and "crouching fish". These actions have already "done into the bones."

From a distance, Guo Jiayuan wearing a costume is like a butterfly flapping its white wings, facing the stubborn winter, telling the tenacity of life.

  Party Tianye Yang Yingqi reports from Xi'an

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]