In the end, there are relatively few liberal health professionals who still refuse to submit to the vaccination obligation imposed on their profession by the government.

Indeed, of the 374,000 who work in France, around 1,350 are banned from exercising, reports the Health Insurance Thursday, welcoming the "very high level of vaccine coverage".

Among them, “160 doctors”.

"A very low number", assured the director of Health Insurance Thomas Fatome, during a press briefing, adding "that the figures were potentially moving every day".

A return to normal dynamics

Already obliged since September 15 to justify at least one injection, liberal caregivers such as employees of hospitals, clinics and retirement homes, home helpers, firefighters and paramedics must, since November 15, certify a " complete diagram ”, under penalty of prohibition proceedings which may be initiated by the regional health agencies.

As of November 1, 96.7% of liberal health professionals, doctors, nurses, masseurs, physiotherapists, speech therapists, orthoptists… were vaccinated, detailed Thomas Fatôme, qualifying this vaccination rate as "considerable".

Of the 1,700 liberal health professionals who were banned from practicing between October 15 and November 16, "we already have 350 who have brought themselves into compliance, that is, that is to say who were vaccinated ”, he added, seeing in it“ a dynamic of return to a normal situation ”.


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