The first batch of Beijing Stock Exchange theme funds goes on sale on Friday

  Our newspaper (reporter Sun Jie) Beijing Stock Exchange has officially opened recently, and public funds are also accelerating the pace of follow-up.

The first batch of eight Beijing Stock Exchange theme funds have announced that they will be issued on November 19, with a limit of 500 million yuan for each.

Compared with the capital threshold of 500,000 yuan, for ordinary investors, starting from 1 yuan can borrow the Beijing Stock Exchange theme fund to indirectly participate in the investment of the Beijing Stock Exchange.

  On November 12, the first batch of 8 Beijing Stock Exchange themed funds, including E Fund and GF, were approved. The products are all "two-year regular opening" or "two-year holding period", and the assets of non-cash funds will be no less than 80% The proportion of investment in the Beijing Stock Exchange market.

It is understood that these funds can participate in the strategic allotment of stocks listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, and can also participate in the investment of the Beijing Stock Exchange through various methods such as new creation, fixed increase and secondary market trading.

  The opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange to welcome customers has greatly boosted the confidence and vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises. The progressive market structure of "basic layer-innovation layer-Beijing Stock Exchange" also provides support and opportunities for high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises to realize share circulation.

Zheng Xi, the proposed fund manager of the E Fund Beijing Stock Exchange theme fund, believes that the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange will drive more "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises to go public, help the development of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and stimulate market vitality.

  The Beijing Communications Commission is established on the basis of the selected layer of the New Third Board, focusing on supporting "earlier, smaller, and newer" small and medium-sized enterprises. Listed companies have the characteristics of relatively new business models, rapid technological iteration, performance fluctuations and relatively high operating risks. Therefore, Set a higher investment threshold.

According to the rules, individual investors of the Beijing Stock Exchange are required to meet “the daily assets in the securities account and capital account shall not be less than RMB 500,000 in the 20 trading days before the opening of the application authority, and they shall have more than 2 years of experience in securities investment”.

In the form of public funds, small and medium investors are equivalent to breaking through the capital threshold and participating in investing in companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange.