Signs on your fingers that warn you of high cholesterol

High blood cholesterol can lead to many complications such as blockage of blood vessels, so a cholesterol test is an important health issue that should not be neglected, especially since high cholesterol has no symptoms, but there are physical signs such as pain in the fingers and toes, which may be Indicator of disease.

And according to the British newspaper “Express”, the feeling of frequent tingling in the fingers and toes may also be an indication of high cholesterol, because the interruption of blood flow to certain parts of the body leads to a tingling sensation in the hands and legs.

The newspaper pointed out that high levels of cholesterol in the blood make the blood flow thick and affect the normal flow of blood in the nerves and cause tingling, and high cholesterol can lead to fatty growths under the skin, and some doctors refer to it as “xanthoma”, and bumps can appear on the feet and hands. Including fingers.

Although xanthomas can usually be painless, it may be painful to the touch and itchy, and these growths may also appear on the buttocks, knees or elbows, either in groups or alone.

The NHS recommends eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise to lower cholesterol levels, and people are asked to do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week to manage cholesterol levels. As for those who suffer from high cholesterol significantly, they should follow up with the doctor, take the prescribed medication, and adhere to the doctor’s advice.

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