A painful video of a policeman offering his two children for sale in the street for a strange reason... and an official intervenes

A distressing video has emerged on Twitter showing a policeman trying to sell his children for 50,000 Pakistani rupees, as the incident was reported from Ghotki district of Sindh province in Pakistan.

In the video, Nizar Lashari, a policeman from the Prisons Department, is seen screaming in the middle of the street while his two children appear confused.

He then picks up the younger son in his lap and shouts that he is selling his children for 50,000 rupees.

According to the deputy, Lashari needed time off so that he could take his son to the hospital for an examination.

However, his manager at work demanded a bribe in exchange for giving him leave, and when he could not bribe the manager, his leave was revoked and he was moved to Larkana, 120 km from the city.

Lashari shouted out of oppression, "Why did they sentence me to this punishment just for not paying a bribe? I am so poor that I couldn't even travel to Karachi to file a complaint with the Inspector General of Prisons. People here are very strong and usually no action is taken against them."

"Should I pay a bribe or pay for my child's operation? Was I supposed to work in Larkana or was I supposed to take my child for treatment?"

Meanwhile, the video went viral and social media users were heartbroken after witnessing the father's impotence.

One user wrote: "Very sad...it was hard for him to manage but what he does in a helpless state can have lasting psychological effects on children. Nothing good at all."

As the video went viral, Lashari's plight caught the attention of Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

Thanks to his intervention, Lashari was able to remain in his job at Götke Prison and was also given 14 days of leave so that he could treat his child.

گھoٹکی کے پolیs Aہlکar کo Bچے کے treatment کے Lیے چھٹی Nہ Melli ur Aڑکanہ Tbadlہ کrdیa گیa, چھٹی to یnے ur Tbadlہ Rکoanے کے Lیے Avsran کo پچas ھzar Roپے Rashwt religious پڑے گی, Aہlکar پچas ھzar Mیں Aیک Bیٹa Bیچnے Ki Aoisیں to گata Rہa.

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— Sheikh Sarmad  (@ShSarmad71) November 13, 2021

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