The ranking of competing for the performance of supercomputers in the world was announced, and the supercomputer "Tomitake" of RIKEN won the world's best in four categories for four consecutive terms.

The world ranking of supercomputers is published semi-annually by an international conference of experts.

According to the latest ranking, the RIKEN supercomputer "Tomitake" in Kobe has won the number one spot in the world in four categories for four consecutive terms.

Of these, in the division competing for calculation speed, it was possible to calculate more than 440,000 times 1 trillion per second, which was about three times that of the second-ranked American supercomputer.

In addition, it ranked first in the category that shows calculation methods such as simulation, learning performance of artificial intelligence, and processing performance of big data.

"Tomitake" has been in the ranking even before the start of full-scale operation, and so far, it has been used for flying diffusion simulations for new corona countermeasures and demonstration experiments of systems that predict local heavy rains. It is being utilized.

Satoshi Matsuoka, director of RIKEN Center for Computational Science, commented, "This time, the advancedness of" Tomitake "has been shown again, and we would like to contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society in the future."