Former directors who were re-arrested in the case of procuring medical equipment at a hospital attached to Nihon University said, "We have obtained permission from President Tanaka of the university," and said that we have about 1.4 billion yen for equipment that we do not plan to update. I found out from the interviews with the people concerned that I was procuring at.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating the details of the investigation, as the president has denied any involvement in fraud.

Tadao Inokuchi (64), who was a director of Nihon University, and Masami Himoto (61), a former director of the major medical corporation "Kinshukai" headquartered in Osaka, are different from Itabashi Hospital attached to Nihon University School of Medicine. Last month, he was re-arrested on suspicion of his back office for causing damage to the university by leaking about 200 million yen to former President Inokuchi when procuring diagnostic imaging equipment to be used in.

According to people familiar with the matter, former director Inoguchi frequently visited hospitals with executives of medical consulting companies last year and asked for the procurement of seven diagnostic imaging equipment from overseas manufacturers.

The hospital pointed out that there are no plans to renew it and that it has not secured a budget, but the former directors said, "We have obtained permission from the university's president Hidetoshi Tanaka," and finally 14 It means that it has decided to procure 7 units with a lease contract of more than 100 million yen.

It is suspected that the former director had sent a part of the funds that had been leaked to the former president, Mr. Himoto, to the company of his acquaintance, and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office investigated the details toward the detention deadline on the 16th. I am.

On the other hand, the Special Investigation Department is searching for the home of President Tanaka as a related party of this case, and former President Himoto responded to the investigation by the Special Investigation Department, saying, "To celebrate the reappointment of the president, etc. I handed over the yen. "

Former Director Inoguchi also admits that he has given cash to President Tanaka multiple times.

The president has denied any investigations, such as giving or receiving cash or being involved in a case of resignation.