The civil affairs department did not register but publicly recruited members on the Internet

  "People's Literary Artists Association" 580 yuan to sell membership qualifications

  On November 10th and 11th, a group of friends named "Chen Meiying Baidu (Poetry Circle) Official Website Editor" on WeChat sent several messages to a group named "Selected Drafts of "New Poetry Research"" in Guangdong, saying, " Members of the People’s Artists’ Association. The number of places is limited. Painters, calligraphers, writers, and poets who need to be processed should hurry up. WeChat is recommended, 1772××××382.” In July this year, a company named “Chinese People’s Literature and Art” The illegal social organization of "Family Association" has just been banned by the civil affairs department in accordance with the law.

Is this "People's Artists Association" "resurrected" or is it another company?

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily launched an investigation for this.

  Tube "packaging"

  No literary achievements required for membership

  Just pay 580 yuan dues

  At 20 o'clock on November 11, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily added the WeChat account of the "People's Literary Artists Association" as a poetry lover.

The person named "Teng Yuanyuan famous (poetry circle) official website editor-in-chief" on WeChat remarks sent four layout photos of "People's Literature and Art News" and the membership card photo with the logo of "People's Artists Association" and stamped with its steel seal. .

  Mr. Teng introduced that to apply for the membership card of the People's Artists Association, you only need "photos, brief introduction, ID card", and a one-time payment of 10 years of membership fees-a total of 580 yuan, you can participate in various cultural activities organized by the association for free for life.

Regarding the "introduction" section, Mr. Teng told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that he only needs to write one or two hundred words.

When a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily stated that he did not have any related literary works, Mr. Teng said, "You send me the written profile, and I will package it for you. If you don’t have certain literary achievements, the association will not let you pass it at will. Yes. I will help you get a few literary awards and you can pass it."

  A reporter from the Beiqing Daily asked immediately, "Which literary awards can I get? Can the Lu Xun Literature Award and the Bingxin Prose Award get it?" Mr. Teng responded, "You don't need to think about these national literary awards, I can only To help you fill in some local literary awards, we will communicate with the association and we can basically pass them."

  Mixed circle

  Can "cross-border" participate in activities to expand contacts

  Has already handled more than a thousand membership cards

  After being questioned by a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily, Mr. Teng revealed that he was a director of the "People's Artists Association".

He has reviewed and processed more than 1,000 membership cards, with members all over the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

"As long as you submit your personal photo, profile, ID number, and pay the membership fee of 580 yuan, the certificate stamped with the association's seal will be down in about a week. I have submitted it in batches. This batch is reported in 20 to 30 years. People, almost every day three or five people come to me to apply for a permit."

  After applying for the membership card of the "People's Artists Association", which cultural activities can I participate in and what benefits can I enjoy?

Mr. Teng claimed that as long as the activities sponsored by the "People's Artists Association" can participate.

  "Even if you are engaged in calligraphy, you can also participate in the music and dance performances organized by the association. In 2019, I participated in an event where well-known calligraphers, musicians, dancers, writers and poets all came. There are two to three hundred people. Everyone added WeChat business cards and left contact numbers. In this way, they can expand their literary and artistic network and seek opportunities for project cooperation."

  Mr. Teng also introduced that with a membership card, in addition to "mixed circles", you can also participate in the literary exchange meeting organized by the chairman Lin Hongzhan. At the exchange meeting, he will give you two collections of poems on the spot, which is so cost-effective; he can also help you plan and publish a book. In addition, we will hold a large-scale cultural event at the Beijing Mass Art Museum recently. join."

  Can't find

  The civil affairs department cannot find relevant information

  It is illegal to carry out activities without registration

  Is this "People's Artists Association" the same thing as the "Chinese People's Artists Association" which was banned by the civil affairs department in July this year?

Mr. Teng insisted, “This is not the same thing at all. That is the Chinese People’s Artists Association. Our association does not start with the word “China”, but we belong to the leadership of the Central Xinhua News Agency, including the People’s Literature and Art News, People's Literature and Art Network is a formal and legal organization."

  Baidu search shows that the People’s Artists’ Association is composed of state-level artists, calligraphers, and film makers. The former Banyuetan editor-in-chief of the Central Xinhua News Agency, Lin Shuangmou, etc., served as honorary consultants, dedicated to organizing, planning, and coordinating national literature, For the investigation, collection, protection, and inheritance of art and folk culture, the headquarters of the association is in Beijing, and the business department is in Rizhao, but there is no introduction by the supervisor or organizer in its articles of association.

The executive chairman is Lin Hongzhan.

  On the People’s Literature and Art website, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found an article titled "Lin Hongzhan was selected as one of the “Top Ten Outstanding People of the Eleventh Love China”, which introduced that Lin Hongzhan, born in 1977, was a native of Rizhao, Shandong.

In his thousand-character personal introduction, he included titles such as the chief editor of People's Literature and Art Network, People's Literature and Art Newspaper, Executive Chairman of People's Literature and Art Association, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Calligraphy and Painting Market News, as well as famous calligraphers and painters, and works sold per square foot. The price is 6000 yuan and other content.

In another profile, Lin Hongzhan is also the honorary chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, the honorary chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, and a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association.

However, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily inquired on the official website of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and found that there was no Lin Hongzhan among its members.

  On the afternoon of the 11th, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily logged into the Social Organization Directory on the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China and Shandong Civil Affairs Department.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily called the Ministry of Civil Affairs as a consultant. After inquiring, the operator informed that there was no "People's Artists Association" in the social organization system.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily asked, "There is no such association, but it is engaged in activities in the society. Is this legal?" The operator said, "It is definitely illegal to conduct activities in the name of a social organization that has not been registered in accordance with the law. You can call the Ministry of Civil Affairs to report a complaint."


  Lin Hongzhan: Less activities in the association

  So I haven't "disturbed" the civil affairs department

  Beiqing Daily: What promotion methods does the association have for members?

  Lin Hongzhan: We are based in Rizhao, Shandong.

There is a monthly magazine "People's Literature and Art News", but it does not pay the authors of the paper, and also does not charge them to publish the paper. It is only to help the members of the association to promote it.

In addition to the "People's Literature and Art News", my political media group also founded the People's Literature and Art Network and the Political Media Network. These platforms can display personal images and promote the content of works for members of the People's Literature and Art Association.

  Beiqing Daily: In the query column of the periodical/journal agency on the official website of the National Press and Publication Administration, enter the issue number "ISSN2414-7923" of "People's Literature and Art News" to query, but the result shows "no data yet"?

  Lin Hongzhan: We use the international issue number, so we can't publicly subscribe to the public. We can only give it to the more than 10,000 members of the People's Artists Association for free.

  Beiqing Daily: It costs 580 yuan to apply for the membership card of the "People's Artists Association". The membership scale of more than 10,000 people is not a small amount.

  Lin Hongzhan: We wrote very clearly on the Internet. For membership cards, the cost is 380 yuan nationwide, and we use this money for the promotion of members' works on the platform.

In this case you mentioned, it may be that the people below charge extra introduction fees.

This kind of situation is not allowed by our association. The price is clearly marked, and it is not allowed to charge arbitrarily or violate the rules and regulations.

  Beiqing Daily: Why can’t I find relevant information about the association on the official website of the Civil Affairs Department?

  Lin Hongzhan: The association was registered in Hong Kong more than ten years ago. Under normal circumstances, the chairman of the board of directors is elected every four years. I have been re-elected as the executive chairman of the association for 6 years.

Due to the tight funding, there are no activities to do several times throughout the year, so the local civil affairs department has not been "alarmed".

In the past few years, the government has imposed strict controls on non-governmental organizations, and it is not allowed to engage in activities involving arbitrary fees by relying on the prefix "State".

This kind of regulation has been under high pressure, so it is very difficult for us to survive.

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