China News Service, Zhengzhou, November 13th (Yang Dayong) Fellow villagers in Henan, are you planning to build a house in your home country?

Do you know any new requirements for building houses in rural areas?

New regulations such as the "Management Measures for the Construction of Rural Collective Construction Land Houses in Henan Province (Trial)" recently issued by Henan give the answer.

  2021 is the first year of comprehensive implementation of rural construction activities.

The "Implementation Plan for Rural Construction Action in Henan Province" issued in May of this year proposes that the province scientifically prepares village plans, promotes the integration of urban and rural infrastructure and equalization of basic public services within the county, and implements a five-year action to improve the rural human settlement environment. Carry out the construction of "Hundred Towns and Thousand Villages".

  Among them, the plan proposes to standardize and strengthen the management of new, rebuilt, expanded, and rebuilt houses in rural homesteads and rural villagers.

The reporter learned that some villagers are planning to go back to the countryside to build houses, but they have discovered some new changes.

The picture shows a street-side house in a new rural area in Henan.

(Data Map) Photo by Li Guigang

  "At present, building a house in my hometown is not as random as before, and I have to apply to the local township government." Mr. Wei, whose hometown is in the rural area of ​​southern Henan, said in an interview with a reporter from on November 13. The house in my hometown was rebuilt, but when I asked about it, I didn’t expect that now I still need to apply for building a house on my homestead. It can’t be built casually.”

  Mr. Yang, who has been doing business in Zhengzhou for many years, also plans to build a house in his hometown in the countryside, and intends to expand the area. "Unexpectedly, there are restrictions on the area of ​​the homestead."

  So, what are the new regulations for building a new house in the countryside today, and how should I apply?

These questions have become a topic of concern to many people who plan to return to rural self-built houses.

  Recently, "Henan Province Rural Collective Construction Land House Construction Management Measures (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Methods") gave the answer.

  The "Measures" clearly stated that before the start of construction of self-built low-rise houses in rural areas, construction drawings and construction personnel information should be submitted to the township government, and the township government should review the materials within 10 working days, and only those who meet the conditions can start construction; After the house has passed the inspection and acceptance, the villagers can apply for real estate registration with the real estate registration agency with relevant materials.

  At the same time, the "Measures" also pointed out that villagers are the main body of implementation of rural self-built low-rise housing construction activities and bear the primary responsibility for housing construction. They must select the design drawings, construction party and supervision party that meet the requirements, and sign with the construction party and supervision party. The written contract stipulates the house warranty period and related responsibilities, and should consciously accept the supervision and management of the township government and the village committee.

The picture shows a bed and breakfast room built in a mountainous area in Luoyang, Henan.

(Data Map) Photo by Li Guigang

  In addition, the "Measures" also clarified that rural self-built houses must conform to the village plan; if the village plan is not prepared, it should be located within the village construction land boundary defined by the county village classification and layout plan, and conform to the clear land space plan of the township. Use control rules and construction control requirements.

  Regarding the area of ​​self-built houses in rural areas, the “Management Measures for Rural Homesteads and Villagers’ Self-built Houses in Henan Province (for Trial Implementation)” promulgated in February this year stipulated this.

  The "Management Measures for Rural Homesteads and Villagers' Self-built Housing in Henan Province (for Trial Implementation)" clearly stipulates that a villager can only own one homestead.

In the suburbs of cities and towns and plain areas with per capita arable land less than 667 square meters, the area of ​​each household shall not exceed 134 square meters; in plain areas with per capita arable land of more than 667 square meters, the area of ​​each household shall not exceed 167 square meters; mountainous and hilly areas The area of ​​each house site shall not exceed 200 square meters, and in principle low-rise houses with no more than three floors are the main ones, and there is no plan to build houses with more than three floors.

In the approval of homesteads, priority should be given to approving the use of idle homesteads in villages, and new homesteads should be strictly controlled.