Recently, in the Taihang Mountains in the west of Ci County, Hebei Province, the harvest and processing season of autumn persimmons ushered in.

After picking the fruit, removing the stems, and peeling the persimmons, they are dried on high racks to prepare persimmons, and the fragrance of persimmons fills the courtyard.

Strings of autumn persimmons are like lanterns, softening the years and warming the time.

  It is understood that persimmon trees in the Taihang Mountains in the western part of Ci County have been planted for a long time, and every household has a tradition of making persimmons.

In recent years, the local area has improved the varieties of persimmons, introduced peeling machines, and built a persimmon deep processing industrial chain, which has brought new hopes for farmers to increase their incomes and become rich.

  (Zhou Jinli produced Chen Shiyu)

Editor in charge: [Yu Xiao]