The Sauvé report once again sparked a pedocriminal scandal within the Church and revived debates around practices in the Catholic religion.

Father Paul-Adrien and the former priest Marc discuss the vow of celibacy in this vocation. 

For Marc, suspended from his ministry for having fallen in love, priesthood and couple are not incompatible: “I think we have to put everyone on the same step of the podium.

I believe that the love of God and the love for God cannot be divisible.

»Paul-Adrien does not share this opinion:« To give up a woman, to give up a profession, to give up having money in his account, this is also what the priesthood wants to put forward.

It is this beauty of someone who leaves everything for God.

»Father Paul-Adrien and Marc present their point of view in the video of our partner Brut. 

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