A baby red panda born in August at a zoo in Shizuoka City was released on the 9th and showed a lovely sleeping face.

At the Nihondaira Zoo in Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, a male baby was born on August 4th between a 4-year-old mother "Niko" and a 2-year-old father "Wa".

When I was born, my whole body was covered with white hair, but now I can see the brown and black stripes peculiar to red pandas on my face and tail.

The length from the head to the buttocks is 45 cm, and the weight is about 2 kg, which is a little large for 3 months old.

It was raining from the morning on the 9th, but the children of the children's garden who visited gathered in front of the window of the breeding facility and called out, "Lesser Panda, look at me" while looking at the lovely sleeping face.

Shizuoka Municipal Zoo is the base of zoos nationwide that are engaged in the breeding of the endangered red panda.

The zoo also accepts votes to decide the name of the baby red panda, and asks visitors to choose one from five candidates: "Kazunoko," "Smile," "Tuna," "Aron," and "Pillow." , I will name it the name of the answer that was most frequently voted until the 28th of this month.

Ayumi Nakamura, the keeper, said, "There was a time when there were few customers in Corona for a while, but I definitely want you to come and see your baby."