This is just the beginning of winter, will it be even colder?

According to a recent forecast by the National Climate Center of the China Meteorological Administration, the cold air activities affecting our country will be frequent and strong this winter.

  Why is this happening?

In fact, this year is the "Double La Nina Year".

The La Niña phenomenon has appeared for the second consecutive year after last year.

Once the La Niña phenomenon occurs, the probability of my country's overall cold winter is about 70%.

  In order to prevent everyone from "shivering" in the cold wave, the planting officer gave a formula for keeping out the cold: "Thin underwear, warm coat, and windproof; keep your head and feet thick, and don't show your waist."

  Many departments of the country have also come up with a "cold protection plan."

For example, many places in the north have started heating in advance, from "heating on time" to "heating on demand".

Railways, electric power and other departments are even facing the wind, snow, and cold waves to ensure everyone's travel safety.

The commercial sector is also organizing the storage, transportation and supply of grain, vegetables and other non-staple foods.

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]