2021 has reached the end of the year. What major dramas will be available on TV screens in 2022?

Recently, many satellite TVs have successively held key resource release conferences in 2022 to "preview" key dramas that will be broadcast on satellite TV screens in 2022, and many reality-themed dramas have become popular choices for various satellite TVs to compete for.

  Reality themes have been popular on TV screens in recent years.

In 2021, many major dramas such as "Mountain and Sea" and "The Great Battle" have gained a double harvest of ratings and word-of-mouth, which also inspires the TV drama industry to continue to produce high-quality film and television.

  In 2022, "County Party Courtyard" produced by the Sunshine Team at Noon, "People's Police" starring Lu Yi and Wan Qian, spy war drama "Infernal Affairs" hosted by Jin Dong, Wang Likun, and Wang Zhiwen, Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan, Ning Li The spy war drama "The Opponent" starring in the national security theme, "The Big Game" starring Qin Hao, Wan Qian, and Tian Yu, and the main theme works such as "Battle Shanghai", "Space Heroes" and "Ebola Frontline" have all appeared in succession. The annual film list of each satellite TV.

  The inspirational legendary drama "Flowers" starring Hu Ge, Ma Yili, and Tang Yan is predicted to be one of the hottest dramas next year. Satellite TV and Dragon TV locked in advance.

  A number of outstanding works have emerged on the subdivision track such as industry dramas.

Starring Chen Kun and Xin Zhilei, the workplace drama "Win or Lose" directed by Zhang Li appeared on Zhejiang Satellite TV's film list.

"Ice Rain and Fire" and "Special Warfare Glory" on Dragon TV's film list are about anti-drug police and special forces. The series has been highly anticipated from the beginning of production. The lineup of new-generation actors such as Chen Xiao, Wang Yibo, Yang Yang, and Li Yitong is also Great market appeal.

Beijing Satellite TV also brought "Ebola Frontline" starring Luo Jin and Mao Xiaotong. This is the first domestic TV drama to reflect the theme of medical aid to Africa. It is based on the story of the Chinese medical aid team's fight against the "Ebola" virus in 2014. , Tells the human temperature and the spirit of great love behind the "blood disease".

  There is no shortage of high-quality urban emotional drama series that are more popular on TV screens. They are co-directed by Zheng Xiaolong and Yao Yuan, written by Zhao Dongling, starring Zhao Liying, "Happiness to Ten Thousands", and "Hutong" directed by Fu Ning have accumulated a lot of expectations.

Bai Baihe spans two dramas "Our Marriage" and "My Superhero". One is a collaboration with Tong Dawei and directed by the urban drama directors' golden group Shen Yan and Liu Haibo; the other is from the Noon Sunshine "Conscience" team. The partner with Huang Xuan is also worth looking forward to.

The long-lost actor Gao Yuanyuan will return to the screen next year to form the "Perfect Companion" with Zhang Luyi.

The realist emotional drama "Ever the Wind Rising" co-starred by Jin Dong and Song Jia has entered the Beijing Satellite TV film list, and the new model of "commercial war + emotion" is also worth looking forward to.

  Costume dramas also appeared in the film list of several Davids TV, starring Luo Jin and Yin Fang, and Huang Zhizhong invited to star in the costume historical drama "The Long River under the Heaven". The TV series "Stars Falling into Sugar" was created by the original team of "Sweet Honey and Embers as Frost" and was locked in advance by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Youku; Beijing Satellite TV's historical drama "Mountain River and Moonlight" co-starred Feng Shaofeng and Chen Baoguo, telling the story of King Yan Zhu Di creates the story of the prosperous age of Yongle; Dragon TV's Tencent Video double-bet "Xinghan Brilliant", starring Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi, seems to be a familiar youth costume route.

  2022 will usher in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and Beijing will also become the world's first double Olympic city to host the Summer and Winter Olympics.

At this important historical node, it is also the inescapable responsibility of the film and television industry to promote the creation and production of key TV series on the theme of the Winter Olympics with high standards.

Beijing Satellite TV will launch a large-scale sitcom "Family Winter Olympics" created by the original production team of "Family Have Children", which reflects the spirit of the Chinese people from the family's struggle.

  Reporter Li Xiazhi