In response to the improvement in the infection status of the new coronavirus, Niigata City will hold a meeting with more than 100 people eating and drinking on the condition of vaccination etc. to confirm the effect of the measures. Was done.

This demonstration experiment was started by Niigata Prefecture in collaboration with economic organizations in the prefecture toward the recovery of socio-economic activities.

On the 8th, a meeting with food and drink was held at a hotel in Niigata City with the participation of more than 120 people from member companies of the Niigata Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participation conditions were that they were vaccinated and that the PCR test confirmed that they were negative. At the entrance of the venue, the staff confirmed the participants' vaccination certificates, etc., and they were not vaccinated. I gave the person an antigen test kit and had them tested on the spot.

Niigata Prefecture and others would like to conduct a demonstration experiment at a wedding hall in November to confirm the effects of the measures and the results of the questionnaires of the participants, and to proceed with efforts to reduce the risk of infection.

Katsuyuki Fukuda, Chairman of the Niigata Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, "I'm worried about how much I can do at the New Year's party and year-end party, but I want to practice it little by little."