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  Chinanews client, Beijing, November 7th (Ren Jing) The autumn recruitment has arrived, and the recruitment of Internet companies, enterprises and institutions have started.

For a time, the propaganda of "written examination package" and "assistance examination" "emerged" on various platforms.

But wave after wave of candidates who are lucky enough to test the waters are already frantically testing on the verge of breaking the law.

Data Map: College Student Recruitment Fair.

Photo by Yang Bo

300 yuan package to pass the

online written test

  With the advent of autumn recruitment, many people embarked on the job hunting road.

Under normal circumstances, job seekers need to go through resume screening, written examinations, interviews, and inspections before they can get the final offer.

The written test scores generally account for 50%-60% of the entire test, which is very important.

How to get a high score in the written test has also become a major concern for many job seekers.

  At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, the written examinations of many enterprises and institutions have been moved online, but the absence of invigilators also provides an opportunity for candidates who want to cheat.

Many businesses took aim at this "opportunity" and regarded online "test assistance" as a business.

  Searching for "written test package" and "test assistance" on a social platform can find a large number of related advertisements claiming to provide test assistance services for candidates.

Advertisements published by test-assisting institutions on a social platform

  According to a business, the test-assisting service is "car", and candidates' access to the test-assisting service is called "getting on the car."

Merchants said that there are many "cars" in institutions, including but not limited to written examinations for enterprises and institutions, final examinations, and IELTS TOEFL examinations, and the accuracy rate is guaranteed to be between 70%-85%.

  "The teachers who are responsible for helping answer the questions include well-known teachers from teaching auxiliary institutions and graduate students from universities at home and abroad." The staff said that the faculty allocation was a little proud. "Our worst is also 985." But when asked if he could provide assistance. When testing the teacher's professional certificate, the staff said that it was inconvenient to disclose the teacher's personal privacy.

The test-aiding teacher promotion issued by the test-aiding business.

  Depending on the format and difficulty of the exam, the test takers need to pay between 300 yuan and 20,000 yuan. After paying the money, the candidates will be drawn into the exam group and wait for answers during the exam.

When asked about the number of candidates "getting on the bus," the staff said that there are a lot of them, "After all, others are making arrangements. If you don't arrange them, you will die."

  Candidates all participate in the test-assisted class, what should I do if the answers are the same?

In this regard, the merchant provides a higher-level cheating method-remote sharing of the screen, candidates only need to sit in front of the screen and wait for the exam to be completed.

Can pass the questions before the test and test the middle answer

  In fact, sharing the screen is just one of many forms of online test assistance.

Common test aids are divided into two categories, one is the pre-exam thorough questions.

The seller promises to provide test questions for candidates to prepare for the test two to three hours before the test.

  The other is to help the test in the exam, that is, the assistant teacher also participates in the written test, answers the questions simultaneously with the test taker, and then passes the answer to the test taker.

The test assistants are divided into two categories, one is a multi-person "bus" and the other is a "private chartered car."

  "Bus" is a collective group of examinees after payment, and the answer of "Teacher" is shared by the whole group.

The price of a "bus" is relatively cheap, generally between 300-600.

However, some businesses will set prices according to the teacher's professional level and the correct rate of the questions, and the price of the "ticket" that guarantees more than 80% of the correct rate is as high as two thousand.

The dissemination style of the answers provided by the test assistants.

  The "private chartered car" is the shared screen mentioned earlier. The organization sends a special person to help candidates answer the questions through remote sharing of the screen, and candidates only need to ensure that they are present in the camera throughout the entire process.

Of course, this kind of price is more expensive, generally between 1,000-2,000 yuan.

  However, according to Zhao Jing, who has participated in many online exams, online exams generally monitor whether there is screen sharing software running in the background. At the same time, some exams will also set up dual computer positions to ensure 360-degree monitoring of candidates.

  In this regard, the merchant said that the authority of the background monitoring can be cracked. “We have operated many bank exams remotely, so you don’t have to worry about this.” For the dual-seat invigilator, the merchant will provide a way to avoid monitoring.

A Moments advertisement posted by a test-assisting merchant.

Merchants, candidates, and platforms all have to take responsibility

  However, the result of cheating does not only point to passing the written test, it is more likely to bring the candidate to the edge of illegality.

  According to Yang Chen, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, cheating and organizing cheating in the corporate recruitment examination disrupted the normal recruitment order of the company and disrupted the fair competition environment. According to internal regulations, companies can punish those who cheat or organize cheating, such as Take punitive measures such as never hire.

  "In the examinations of public institutions, the punishment for cheating is more stringent. Cheating or organizing cheating in the recruitment examinations of public institutions is illegal and may even constitute a crime."

  And for those candidates who are lucky enough to enter the interview or even successfully enter the job by cheating, it is not possible to completely reverse the cheating behavior.

Yang Chen said that according to the "Labor Contract Law", employees enter a job through cheating, and the labor contract signed by the employee and the company is invalid.

The enterprise can terminate the labor contract with the employee, and there is no need to pay economic compensation to the employee.

  In addition, the platform that disseminates this information also needs to bear corresponding responsibilities.

Yang Chen pointed out that in accordance with Article 47 of the Cyber ​​Security Law, “network operators should strengthen the management of information released by their users, and should immediately stop the transmission if they discover information that is prohibited by laws or administrative regulations from being released or transmitted. The information shall be dealt with such as elimination to prevent the spread of the information, the relevant records shall be kept, and the relevant authorities shall be reported."

  An attempt to illegally obtain the property of reference personnel by publishing information such as test aids and "written test package" may be suspected of fraud.

Knowing that the other party intends to commit fraud, and still publishes information such as test aids, "written examination package" and other illegal and criminal activities for the other party's fraudulent activities, the information publisher is suspected of illegal use of the information network.