Cardi B has just bought a house in New York.

A real consecration for the rapper from the megalopolis who did not fail to celebrate her acquisition on her networks.

“These days, I don't live in one place.

I am everywhere because of my job.

One thing is for sure I needed a home in my hometown of New York!

», Wrote the rapper as if to justify this little madness, in legend of a cliché showing her in her new home.

The photo also reveals an imposing double staircase and immaculate walls which suggest the generous standing of the place.

One less dream

“I am so proud of myself.

I work so hard to keep my kids comfortable wherever they are, no matter where I work.

Now that I have a home in New York, I can be with my family all the time.

I have accomplished so much but still feel far from the goals I want to accomplish.

It's a dream I can cross (off my list)… Tell me if you want me to show you around!

», Enthuses Cardi B.

The day after its publication, the artist posted a second photo taken in one of the corridors of his new home.

No doubt she will reveal her interior little by little when she takes care of the decoration!


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