Fans of Guillaume Canet, do you really know everything about him?

On the occasion of the release of his new film

, Him

, our partner Brut met him.

At the same time director, author, actor… he is also a baker: “I made bread, sometimes, on the set.

I wanted to actively participate in the filming.


The man-orchestra has shared other anecdotes about him that you may not have known: he is nicknamed Guiton or Guitou by his friends, and there are still other variations!

Guillaume Canet has also fallen off his horse more than once: “It is no coincidence that I am sitting cross-legged on the left side and not on the right side, I farted all over on the right.


And for fans of astrology, you should know that the actor is Aries: “I go for it and I think after in fact.

It fits me pretty well.

»Discover the whole truth about Guillaume Canet in the video below!

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