China News Service, Nanjing, November 5th (Reporter Shen Ran) "Father's leg was hit by a Japanese bullet, leaving a scar about 10 cm long. He suffered from war when he was young." On the 5th, invaded. In front of the photo wall of the survivors in the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese Army, Fu Qiang choked back and recalled his father Fu Zhaozeng's life.

On the same day, the memorial hall held a light-off ceremony for the three Nanjing Massacre survivors, Huang Liushi, Fu Zhaozeng, and Ma Xiuying who passed away recently.

  This year marks the 84th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese invaders.

More than 80 years have passed, and the survivors of the Holocaust are also getting older.

Currently, there are only 61 survivors registered with the Nanjing Japanese Army Victims Aid Association, with an average age of about 91 years old.

This year alone, 11 elderly survivors have passed away.

  Elder Yang Cuiying, Elder Cai Lihua, Elder Li Rufu, Elder Chen Wenying, Elder Qi Zhenan, Elder Jin Tonghe, Elder Ma Jiwu, Elder Xu Jiaqing, Elder Huang Liu, Elder Fu Zhaozeng, Elder Ma Xiuying.

The small lights were extinguished on the photo wall. These old people who survived hard with the scars of war have left the world with the cruel truth of the massacre.

Later generations shouldered the mission of passing on this historical memory.

  "In the winter of 1937, the infant father was held by his grandmother and was injured in front of the house by the Japanese army. Grand-aunt Wang Fu was also hit by a bullet and died on the spot." As a representative of the family of survivors, Fu Qiang was in front of his father's photo. Recalling, "Father once said:'I have come from history, so I cherish the happiness of being well-fed and my grandchildren.'"

  Fu Qiang told a reporter from China News Agency that his father would participate in various peaceful exchange activities as long as conditions permit, hoping to pass on this family tragedy as a historical memory during his lifetime.

  Shi Pengcheng, deputy curator of the memorial hall, said: “Although the survivors have entered the age of death one after another, the history is clear and endless. Although history is painful, it must be remembered. The survivors have used their lives to form memories. Passed on to us, we have the responsibility to pass on their historical memory forever, cherish and maintain the hard-won peace, so that everyone can build a barrier to defend peace and avoid the recurrence of historical tragedies." (End)