A girl who attended an elementary school in Machida, Tokyo, committed suicide leaving a suicide note that was allegedly bullied by her classmates. I feel that the response of the bereaved family is neglecting the feelings of the bereaved family. "

Last November, a 6th grade girl in Machida City was found dead at home, leaving behind a suicide note allegedly being bullied by her classmates.

While the girls' parents are refraining from cooperating with the investigation, saying that Machida City has not given detailed explanations about the members of the third-party committee involved in the investigation, Mayor Joichi Ishizaka is newly introduced by the mayor's affiliated organization. A committee has been set up to clarify the policy of proceeding with the re-investigation.

On the 4th, the bereaved family and lawyers on behalf of the bereaved family held a press conference, and the city side requested that a new third-party committee by the Board of Education be set up and investigated instead of a re-investigation by the mayor's affiliated organization. It was revealed that the request was submitted to.

The girl's father said, "It's been almost a year since my daughter died, but I couldn't fulfill the feeling that I wanted to know what happened to my daughter. I feel like I'm neglecting it. "

Naoki Ogi, an education critic who attended the press conference, said, "If local governments try to protect the organization, they cannot be close to the bereaved family. Don't forget to look closely. "