• Will temporary doctors in anti-Covid-19 vaccination centers soon be indirectly encouraged to perform this medical act in their office?

  • This is what several Internet users say, relaying a table indicating the remuneration package for these professionals, which would drop from 105 euros to 80 euros per hour in the vaccination center, from November 8.

  • This change will be effective on November 8, as indicated in a note available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

"The Social Security decreases by 20% the remuneration of the liberals in vaccination centers [anti-Covid-19]", "The remuneration in the vaccination center drops from 105 to 80 euros per hour for the liberals" ...

On Twitter, the same screenshot of a summary table of "the amount of lump-sum remuneration for liberal health professionals in vaccination centers applicable from November 8, 2021" is relayed by several Internet users ... they deplore or rejoice of this supposed fixed change.

The Social Security drops by 20% the remuneration of liberals in the vaccination center

This doctor is disappointed but it is good news for the patients, your general practitioner who spent half the week at the vaccination center will finally agree to receive you at his cabinet.


- Carėne Tardy (@ Carene1984) October 31, 2021

According to this document, "liberal doctors or doctors working in a health center" will be paid, again from November 8, "320 euros per half-day of activity of a minimum duration of four hours or 80 euros of the hour ”and, in the case of work on Saturday afternoon, Sunday or public holidays,“ 420 euros per half-day of activity or 105 euros per hour ”.


This table is authentic: it comes from the Operational Center for Regulation and Response to Health and Social Emergencies (Corruss) and can be viewed in PDF version on the website of the Ministry of Health.

We also find, in this document, some explanations as to this change in the remuneration of general practitioners operating in anti-Covid-19 vaccination centers - this being well, until November 8, 2021, of 105 euros per hour. during the week, as indicated in particular by the National Federation of Health Centers (FNCS) in February 2021.

“The vaccination campaign against [the] Covid-19 is now intended to take place overwhelmingly in cities, within common law practice structures.

Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and medical biologists are thus called upon to participate in their practices, pharmacies or laboratories, in the vaccination campaign, and in particular to offer the booster dose to those of their patients who are eligible ”, begins this note dated October 29, 2021.

A change aimed at "limiting the exclusionary effects" of other medical acts

“The possibility now offered to all these professionals to order every week, without quantitative limit, all the vaccines available in France, should promote this development, a pledge of proximity and confidence for patients.

[…] This [price] change aims to bring the remuneration offered in vaccination centers closer to the levels of remuneration under ordinary law, and thus to limit the eviction effects currently observed to the detriment of other prevention and care acts.

», Continues this text.

Before specifying, by way of conclusion, that "the remuneration offered to health professionals, employees or public officials, retirees or students working in vaccination centers", they remain "unchanged".


Beware of this truncated video of Jean Castex calling for "not to fall ill" to support the hospital


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