The Marseille ferry terminal is gradually returning to its ferries and normal activity.

Interrupted by the Algerian authorities since March 2020, officially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, maritime passenger transport between Algeria and France resumed service on Tuesday with the arrival in Marseille of a first ferry from the Algeria Ferries company.

Departing from Algiers overnight from Monday to Tuesday, nearly 9 hours behind schedule, due to sanitary measures, the Badji Mokhtar III, a brand new ship of the Algerian public company, docked at the port of Marseille at 7 p.m.

"It was much cheaper than the plane, 150 euros against 480"

Sarah Fettouch, 35, came to the Marseille ferry terminal to wait for her husband, who had left for Algeria for two months at the end of August, after the reopening of air links with France: “When they reopened by plane, he left. from Paris to Oran, after the death of her father, explained this 35-year-old Toulonnaise.

And to return, he had to wait for this boat for Marseille.

It was much cheaper than the plane, there he paid 150 euros for the crossing, against 480 to go by plane.


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