“Wear what you want to wear.

Life is too short.

Accept yourself as you are, accept others as they are.

She is Manon, a fashion tiktoker under the nickname Maoui 2 Saint Denis.

Her passion: assembling pieces that don't go together: “I have fun being hated.

I love it too much when people say to themselves: “She puts anything!

It does not go together at all! ”

Because I, deep down, I'm sure of myself and that's what I am and that's what I like.


This lesson in self-confidence, the young woman translates it through her purchases in thrift stores, where she finds pieces of character, without participating in fast-fashion, the polluting face of the industry.

Manon has fun with her own outfits on TikTok: “The second hand and vintage, it allowed me to find pieces that fit in all my styles and in everything I want to be on a daily basis.

And me, it makes me laugh too much to play with people's imaginations.

»Maoui 2 Saint Denis unveils part of his dressing room in the video of our partner Brut.

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