In the trial against the mother of five killed children from Solingen, the public prosecutor has demanded a life sentence.

In their pleading before the Wuppertal district court, the prosecutors requested a murder conviction for treachery and the determination of the particular gravity of the guilt on Tuesday.

The defendant Christiane K. is said to have suffocated or strangled her five youngest children in her apartment on September 3, 2020.

After the planning of the Wuppertal Regional Court, the final lectures of the defense and accessory prosecution are also planned for the rest of the day.

The defendant then has the right to the last word.

The verdict could then be pronounced this week.

The 28-year-old mother is said to have drugged and killed five of her six children a good year ago.

Shortly before, her husband had told her that he had a new partner.

The appraisers appointed by the court regarded them as fully culpable.

The children's bodies were discovered on September 3 last year in the family's apartment in Solingen: Melina (1), Leonie (2), Sophie (3), Timo (6) and Luca (8).

Her mother threw herself in front of a train at Düsseldorf Central Station, but survived.

Her eldest son was unharmed.

His mother had sent him to see his grandmother in the Lower Rhine region.

The defendant has denied the act several times.

A stranger broke into her apartment and killed her children.