At the Rokkosan ski resort in Kobe, we started making slopes using artificial snow from the 1st for the opening next month.

"Rokkosan Snow Park" in Kobe City is located about 30 minutes by car from the center of Kobe City, and is crowded with many people every year, mainly from customers from Keihanshin.

Slope building began on the 1st for the opening on the 4th of next month.

The ice crushed by a special machine was about 1 cm in size, and when it was blown from a pipe onto the lawn on the slope, it piled up more and more.

The amount of artificial snow released from the machine is 10 tons per hour, and the work will be carried out 24 hours a day, with a final production of 7200 tons.

According to the company that operates it, about 140,000 people visit every year, but last season it dropped to 69,000 due to the influence of the new Corona.

As the number of people infected with corona is declining this season, we anticipate more than 70,000 customers after taking measures against infection.

Mr. Daichi Nagata, a spokeswoman, said, "Every year, it is crowded with many parents and children, but since there is the Beijing Olympics this winter, I would like beginners who are thinking of starting snowboarding and skiing to enjoy it." ..