China Weather Network News Today (October 31) with the onset of cold air, the haze weather in North China, Huanghuai and other places gradually weakened or dissipated from north to south; There are short-term light to moderate haze.

The cold air has also brought significant cooling to the northeast, central and eastern Inner Mongolia and other places, and the minimum temperature in some areas will drop below the freezing point.

In the south, rainy weather is still dominant, and autumn is full of coolness.

In addition, there will be a strong cold air coming next week.

The haze of Huanghuai in North China weakens or dissipates, and frequent rains in southern China

  Since the 28th, cold air activity has weakened, and low-visibility weather such as fog and haze has gradually developed. Heavy fog has appeared in the morning in North China, Huanghuai and other places, and haze weather has been encountered during the day.

Yesterday was the heaviest period of this fog and haze process. In some areas in eastern Beijing, Tianjin, central and southern Hebei, western Shandong, central and northern Henan, there was heavy fog with visibility less than 1 km, and local visibility was less than 200 meters. .

  Today, under the influence of cold air, the haze weather in North China, Huanghuai and other places gradually weakens or dissipates from north to south; affected by transmission, there will be short-term light to moderate haze in parts of the central and southern Huanghuai, Jianghuai, and Jianghan areas.

In addition, this morning, there was heavy fog in the southeastern part of Hebei, northwestern part of the mountain, and strong dense fog with visibility less than 200 meters in some areas.

  In the south, recent rainy weather is frequent, this pattern will continue. It is expected that there will be light to moderate rain in parts of the east and south of Northeast China, the east of Northwest China, most of Jiangnan, most of Southwest China, and most of South China today. Among them, there was heavy rain (25-40 mm) in parts of southern Hunan and northeastern Guangxi.

  In addition, there are light to moderate snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and Ili River Valley, eastern and southern Tibet, eastern and southern Qinghai, southern Gansu, and northern Sichuan plateau today. Among them, northern Xinjiang and northern Xinjiang Heavy snow (10-18 mm) occurred in some areas in the east and other places.

  The lowest temperature in the Northeast and other places will drop below the freezing point. Next week, strong cold air will strike again

  As cold air affects the north, temperatures in many places will begin to drop today.

The cold air mainly affects Northeast China and the central and eastern parts of Inner Mongolia. These places will generally have a temperature drop of 4°C to 8°C, and the local temperature drop can reach 8°C to 12°C.

The main cooling period is today. In many parts of the Northeast, the highest temperature will drop from around 15°C to single digits, and the lowest temperature will drop from 5°C to below the freezing point.

  In addition to Northeast China, North China, Huanghuai and other places will also be affected by the cold air, and the temperature in the next three days will gradually turn from higher to lower than usual in the same period of the year.

Like the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, before the arrival of cold air, the highest temperature yesterday was generally above 20°C, and today the highest temperature will drop to around 15°C.

  In the south, with the gradual increase in rainfall, most of the temperature will turn to lower than normal levels in the same period of the year.

Especially in many places in the east of Southwest China, the temperature continues to be low, and the low is the most obvious. For example, the maximum temperature in Guiyang will be less than 15℃, and the feeling of coolness is the most obvious.

  There will also be a strong cold air affecting China in the second half of next week. It is expected that from November 4th to 7th, there will be light to moderate snow in parts of northern Xinjiang, northwestern eastern regions, northern China, and northeast China ( Rain) or sleet, heavy snow or blizzard in the local area; light to moderate rain in parts of Jiangnan, South China and the eastern part of southwest China; northerly winds of magnitude 4 to 6 and gusts of magnitude 7 to 8 in most of the above areas. It will drop by 6 to 9°C, and the temperature drop in parts of Northwest, North China, and Northeast China can reach 10 to 12°C.

Due to the long timeliness of forecasts, the public should pay attention to nowcasts.