It's an exciting time this fall: change is in the air.

Even the sequel to the

Golden Leaf

turns to contemporary subjects: “In autumn Maike saws firewood with her brother Torben.

A man appears there in the forest who wants to check her saw license. ”A heroine confidently handling the chainsaw, that would not have existed before.

Whether Maike has her saw license with her or accidentally her sailing license, whether she gives the stranger her heart or just a little wood, please read that for yourself.

Hopefully it won't cause a chainsaw massacre, after all, we're in the

Golden Leaf


Jörg Thomann

Editor in the "Life" section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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The shot boss of the



has done enough

, which is also to change under his successor and, among other things, to become more humorous. Since the former


boss always went into the trenches to laugh, we approve of this in principle, even if it initially only leads to the joke that Armin Laschet as NRW Prime Minister received his (sic) "de-lashing certificate". Really luschtig, um, it's not funny yet; Laschet's successor Hendrik Wüst, however, is likely to tremble what


can think of with his name.

CSU Mrs. Dorothee Bär will soon be leaving her position as Minister of State, but then perhaps has even more time for her children, who play a decisive role in what Bär in


calls her “soul-loving”: “morning runs in the woods and wild children -Jumping-around-my-body. Preferably at six in the morning. . . “We checked it out: Bear's children are nine, ten and 15 years old - jumping around on their mothers may caress their soul, but it can also strain their tummies.

What changes are still ahead of the Executive Chancellor? "Angela Merkel & Joachim Sauer - last hope in the marriage crisis - now they are getting help from 'at the top'", writes

Das Neue

. “Right at the top” does not mean Frank-Walter Steinmeier, but the Pope to whom the couple traveled. While other media claim that Merkel spoke to Francis about climate change and child abuse in the church,

Das Neue


That the Pope had spoken “into her conscience” in matters of love: “'It takes work to fight for the relationship and not to fight in the relationship,' the pontiff advised the two of them A pop singer got around: "Pilgrimage to Rome - Anita Hofmann - The Pope should save your marriage", headlines



We keep our fingers crossed, but we are skeptical: When it comes to questions about marriage and relationships, we do not consider the Pope, of all people, to be a born expert.

Greed for bare skin

Women, on the other hand, have little sense of football. At least that's


the - male -


reporter asks director Simon Verhoeven about his FC Bayern film: “Many women read


, many of them are not football fans. Is your documentary still interesting for you? ”-“ I think women in particular are offered private and sometimes even sexy insights, especially in the cabin, of course, ”says Verhoeven. That's how they are, the women: no idea of ​​being off the beaten track, but always craving bare skin.

Actress Christina Athenstädt confesses to

Frau im Spiegel

that "love scenes with my husband" - he is also an actor - "are much more embarrassing than with a strange colleague". There is a fear that “people might confuse it with how we are privately as a couple”. A fade-in would help, according to which the couple's private life is not as wild as it is on the screen. Or, as the case may be, not quite so gently.

The choreographer John Neumeier's love for his current husband, a heart surgeon, began rather violently: "In 2001, Hermann gave me his business card in passing in the ballet center, I should report if I ever have a medical problem," he tells


. “A few days later the time had come. I was hit with my head on a table at home and was bleeding. ”If the good guy provoked the reunion, you can only admire his commitment. “He even came to Florence to pull the seams. It was something like the hour of birth of our love, ”continues Neumeier. In romantic hours, both will certainly think back: Do you remember how you pulled the seams for me back then?

It is also not an easy task to love yourself.

How this can be done,

Echo der Frau has

a surprising suggestion: You shouldn't look in the mirror for a few days.

"Instead, feel your body with all your senses, consciously feel the clothes on your skin, pay attention to your posture." Of course, it cannot be ruled out that these days you will go to the office badly shaved, badly combed and with toothpaste stained on your collar , but no matter: You shouldn't love others, but yourself.