Chrissy Teigen believes she's become a better person since the cyberbullying scandal that hit her.

A few months ago, the host Courtney Stodden accused, with supporting evidence, the model of having trolled her on social networks, and the latter ended up apologizing publicly before being discreet for a few weeks .

A period of reflection which, according to Chrissy Teigen, has been particularly beneficial.

“It's a cliché to say I'm glad it happened, but it really made me stronger and better too.

Having this time to digest everything allowed me to look back and realize that, honestly, there is still so much time to grow up and learn to become more empathetic, ”she said on set.



100 days of sobriety

Chrissy Teigen also took the opportunity to announce that she had been sober for 100 days.

“I feel so good, I have a clear mind.

I feel like I did the right thing and I just hope these people can forgive and hopefully come to terms with the fact that they have seen me get better, ”he said. She keeps.

The past year has been particularly difficult for Chrissy Teigen who, beyond the cyberbullying scandal, has had to deal with the loss of Jack, her unborn child, in September 2020.


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