This past night, the one

from Saturday 30 to Sunday 31 October

, we had to set

the clocks back one hour to 03:00 in the morning

so that they would revert to 02:00.

We have thus entered

winter time


Of course, there have been few clocks that we have had to touch, since the time change is automated on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices connected to the internet.

Keys to better manage the time change


change to winter time

can cause some


, especially among the most vulnerable population, such as children or the elderly.


better cope with the time change,

experts recommend maintaining the feeding and rest schedules.

For example, a good method to combat sleep disturbance is to go to

bed 15 minutes later and get up 15 minutes earlier on

the days before the time change.

The same


can be applied to meal times.

This Sunday, the first day of the new schedule,

it is not a good idea to take a nap


Especially if it lasts longer than it should since at night it will cost us more to fall asleep.

It is also not advisable

to exercise in the last hours of the day

because we will activate our body.

As for food, it is advisable to

avoid caffeine and alcohol

and make Sunday dinner as light as possible.

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