• An agreement between the public prosecutor's office, the prefecture, and 13 Habitat will improve the exchange of information when a tenant is sentenced.

  • The idea is to be able to facilitate evictions from HLM housing for drug traffickers.

  • The risk, however, is that entire families will pay for the actions of just one of their members.

The first social landlord in the Bouches-du-Rhône with nearly 34,000 housing units, the 13 Habitat organization is in the process of signing "an agreement with the Marseille prosecutor's office and the police headquarters", the communication service.

The purpose of this is to facilitate the eviction of delinquents and possibly their families from their low-cost housing by facilitating the exchange of information.

"It is a sensitive subject", we recognize on the side of the social landlord.

"Parents do not always have control over their children"

Last September, the expulsion of the mother of a young man convicted of drug trafficking from her accommodation in Nice caused a strong reaction. “In principle we can hear that people who lead an impossible life in their neighborhood are dislodged. But some family situations can be very complicated. Parents do not always have control over their children, which is different from those who deal with family, ”recalls Patrick Rué, general secretary of the territorial FO, who participates in the governance of the social landlord. However, he does not consider himself "particularly worried".

Unlike Hassen Hammou, who is more fearful and "intends to get in the way of donors".

The association manager thus warns "to set up a practical watch, accompanied by a lawyer".

He intends to be able to "assist families who find themselves involved in an expulsion procedure".

Rental contracts provide that possible nuisances can be a reason for breaking the lease, but the law provides, however, for individualization of penalties.

To see, therefore, what effects this convention will follow.


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