, Nanjing, October 28 (Reporter Yang Bo) "Jinling Picture Digital Art Exhibition", "'50 Beautiful-Imperial Song' Five Famous Kiln Treasures Exhibition", "Nara Yoshitomo: Green House | Orange House".

On the 27th, the Nanjing Deji Art Museum, which has undergone two years of upgrading and transformation, met with the audience with a new look. Three art exhibitions were launched at the same time. Starting from a global perspective, contemporary context, and local cultural expression, they used an open and innovative approach. Present its rich and diverse research and exhibition system to the audience.

The audience can wander in the long scroll, enjoy the flourishing age and feel the pulse of Nanjing's millennia in the city.

Photo by Yang Bo

  The Song Dynasty was the peak in the history of Chinese ceramics development. Among them, the "five famous kilns" represented by Ru, Guan, Ge, Ding, and Jun were outstanding.

"'50 Beautiful-Imperial Song Dynasty' Five Famous Kiln Treasures Exhibition" led by the "Crown of Group Kilns" Ru porcelain, gathered 50 "Five Famous Kilns" porcelain, including 4 pieces of "Zhang Gong" also belonged to Ruzhou "Xiang Kiln" porcelain, 6 pieces of "Royal Appreciation" official porcelain, 4 pieces of handed down brother porcelain, 14 pieces of fixed porcelain, 21 pieces of fine Jun porcelain.

While demonstrating the brilliant artistic achievements of Chinese porcelain, it uses contemporary curatorial concepts to extract and display the core of thoughts and spirits of contemporary value, such as "learning from things" and "Tao law nature" contained in it, so as to pass on the thoughts and concepts of thousands of years. And cultural genes are presented through the curatorial language of the museum.

The exhibition layout of "'50 Beautiful-Yu Song' Five Famous Kiln Treasures Exhibition".

Photo by Yang Bo

  "Imitating Yang Dazhang Painting <Song Yuan Jinling Picture>" by Qing Dynasty painter Feng Ning is hailed as "an encyclopedia of Jinling's flourishing history, culture and folk customs". The picture vividly depicts the city and various classes of ancient Nanjing The social life of the people is also known as "Nanjing version of "Shanging the River at Qingming Festival"."

The "Jinling Map Digital Art Exhibition" is not just a simple dynamic presentation of "Jinling Map". The exhibition breaks through the introduction of cutting-edge technology into the digitization of cultural relics. On a large screen nearly 110 meters in length and 3.6 meters in height, this long scroll is Zoom in a hundred times to realize the interactive viewing mode of "characters enter the painting and follow in real time". The audience can wander in the scroll, enjoy the flourishing age and feel the pulse of the city of Nanjing for millennia.

Large-scale installation works of Japanese contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara.

Photo by Yang Bo

  Deji Art Museum Director Irene told reporters that the "50 Exquisite Beauty-Imperial Song Dynasty" Five Famous Kiln Treasures Exhibition, through the display of porcelain, through the artistic exhibition, conveys the aesthetic concepts of the ancients, and it can also See the charm of Chinese porcelain in a period that continues to this day.

"Jinling Tu Digital Art Exhibition" presents the prosperous metropolis in ancient times, conveying the life and aesthetics of the people in that period.

The museum hopes that through the new exhibitions, every audience will be encouraged to cross the era, have a dialogue with history, and become a disseminator of culture.

The three major art exhibitions will be open to the public on October 29th.

Photo by Yang Bo

  The large-scale installation works of Japanese contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara, "But Not Everything (Green House)," and "However, Not Everything (Tangerine House)," were also launched at the scene.

As a masterpiece of Nara Yoshitomo’s nearly 30 years of artistic career, "Two Houses" is a self-contained "Nara Yoshitomo Museum": it integrates paintings, sculptures, installations and other art forms and exhibits nearly 20 paintings. , Nearly 600 dolls and collections, bringing the audience into the dream and reality created by the artist.