Let's go back one year.

Last fall, the world went through the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

It seemed that a threat equally hanging over all states of the world would lead to the rallying of nations.

It was thought that political contradictions would recede into the background - at least until the pandemic receded.

Now we are at the peak of the fourth wave and we know that most of the expectations have not been met. Wealthy nations bought up stocks of manufactured vaccines, and regulators refused to recognize proven drugs. It got to the point of absurdity - vaccines were lost and thrown away, while poor countries received nothing.

All this time, Russia has been the most conscientious participant in the fight against coronavirus.

We not only transferred technology and launched production of Sputnik V in other countries, but also proposed the most effective measures to combat the pandemic, which could lead to a turning point.

Vladimir Putin, while Russia was a strong point with its own drugs, supported the proposal to waive vaccine patents.

The health of people was in fact, and not in words, was put among the main priorities of our domestic and foreign policy.

Unfortunately, neither the US nor the EU supported this proposal.

Earnings of pharmaceutical companies turned out to be more important than humanitarian goals, and coronavirus vaccines became a political tool.

The World Health Organization has not yet (!) Recognized Sputnik V.

And this despite the fact that our vaccine became the world's first drug against coronavirus and has already been approved in more than 60 countries.

Okay, if you don't want to allow our vaccine to enter the American and European markets, it's up to you.

Let's at least mutually recognize vaccination certificates.

Vladimir Putin says that our country is striving for such recognition.

For the second year, the pandemic is disrupting supply chains and interfering with the free movement of people around the world.

This only undermines entire sectors of the world economy.

Aren't there enough bankrupt airlines and constantly more expensive food products?

Last year, I said that we were in a fundamentally new situation, where new threats will appear after the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, even this "after" has not yet happened.

The principle of "own shirt closer to the body" does not work.

If only because the body cannot recover in any way.

And when it is on a ventilator, it does not matter to him what kind of shirt he is wearing.

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