In the headlines: the dispute over fishing rights escalates between Paris and London

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A French fishing boat in the port of Saint-Helier in Jersey, Channel Island, in May 2021. © AFP / Sameer Al-Doumy

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The entire British press reports what the


calls " 

the French ultimatum

 ", France which threatens the United Kingdom to "

 disrupt trade from next Tuesday, November 2 if its boats - French fishing boats - do not have better access to UK waters

 ”. " 

Ban on landing, and increased customs and health controls on seafood landed in France 

", the list of retaliations against the Channel Islands could grow even longer, underlines the


with " 

energy threats

 ", on the supply of electricity to the British Isles.


Disproportionate and disappointing threats

 ," Downing Street reacted yesterday, underlines for its part the


which explains that Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises neither more nor less to retaliate if France breaks " 

the post-Brexit fishing agreement 

" . Because the United Kingdom maintains "

 that the rejected French license applications were in compliance with the signed agreements

 ", explains the Guardian, which questions "

 the legality of the unilateral action

 ", undertaken by France with his threats of retaliation. The British daily notes that " 

Paris is also seeking the support of Europeans in this matter

 ", but remains for the moment " 



EU fines Poland 1 million euros per day 


It is starting to make stubbornness expensive 

", comments

Le Soir

, the Brussels daily, which explains that Poland will therefore have to pay 1 million euros per day "

 until it removes the very controversial Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court

 ”, accused of undermining“ 

the independence of the judiciary 

”. " 

This is the highest sentence ever imposed by the Court of Justice of the EU, 

" notes

El Pais,

which adds, says the Spanish daily, to " 

the daily fine of 500,000 euros to which Poland was already condemned a month ago for refusing to close a coal factory


In total, this makes a slate of 1.5 million euros which " 

will be deducted from future payments of European stimulus funds to Poland still blocked by Brussels 

", explains Le

Suddeutsche Zeitung

who is worried about "

 a dangerous escalation

 », Between Brussels and Warsaw. This fine even justified, underlines the columnist of the daily newspaper, “

 does not really bring the conflict closer to a solution 


Worse still, " 

these coercive measures are a double-edged sword 

", argues the German press " 

which penalizes the Polish government, but also allows it to stir up anger against Brussels

 ", on the mode " 

look, it is how Europe treats you


Tensions rise between China and the United States over Taiwan

Beijing does not take off after " 

the United States called on Taiwan to become more involved in the UN,

 " reports the


for whom " 

Washington is thus raising the tension 

", while China " 

considers that the democratic island is his province and must be reunited by force if necessary


The American declarations " 

add to the escalation of diplomatic rhetoric and military maneuvers concerning Taiwan

 ", the British daily explains " 

between the parade of Chinese military planes over the island and the promises of Joe Biden to defend Taiwan against any Chinese invasion 


What ignites the Chinese nationalist press "

 if the United States wants to fight at the UN, China will retaliate 

", warns the columnist of the

Global Times

, who insists " 

that China will never back down an inch on the issue of Taiwan


A dinosaur at the UN platform to defend the climate

It is the video that makes the buzz on social networks and entertains the world press. A few days before the opening of COP26, reports the

Washington Post

, the UN yesterday released a video clip worthy of Jurassic Park " 

where we see a life-size dinosaur tumbling into the United Nations General Assembly

 " , and take the podium to urge diplomats to " 

save their species 

", " 

not to choose extinction 



Frankie the dinosaur 

", knows what he is talking about, of course, underlines for its part the

Daily Mail

which welcomes the clip created by the United Nations Development Program " 

a very funny video, but which conveys a serious message 

", says the British daily "on

the way nations are extinguished by investing billions of dollars to subsidize fossil fuels, rather than renewables



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