Hip-hop songs commemorate the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth

  Lu Xun's eldest grandson Zhou Lingfei sings "Mr. Big"

  "Call out his aka loudly. No one knows his aka. It is very cool to listen to his aka. From the textbook to the national soul of our bones, there are three heads and six arms but an ordinary person..." Musician Chen Yan wrote, composed and sang "Mr. Big", which premiered on the Internet on October 19th on the 85th anniversary of the death of Lu Xun.

  It is worth mentioning that, at the invitation of Chen Yan, Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Mr. Zhou Lingfei, sang for the first time to help out.

In his opinion, spreading Lu Xun's thought and spirit in the form of popular songs means popularization and three-dimensional reading.

  Original intention

  Praise Lu Xun in a way that young people like

  Speaking of the original intention of the song "Mr. Big", Chen Yan told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday that he respected Mr. Lu Xun from the bottom of his heart and thought about writing a song for Mr. Lu Xun a few years ago.

"I hope to make some music, like Mr. Lu Xun's article, with deep ideological connotations, which can inspire the fighting spirit of Chinese young people and provide them with some nutritious literary works."

  Last year, when he learned that 2021 was the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth and the 85th anniversary of his death, Chen Yan took this as an opportunity to start collecting relevant materials under the guidance of relevant personnel from Beijing Lu Xun Museum (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Lu Bo). Preparations.

  When conceiving "Mr. Big", Chen Yan incorporated the memories of Lu Xun from the texts he had learned in childhood. The stabbed boy Runtu left me too impressed, just like a childhood playmate, so there is this sentence in my song, "When I first met, I was 12 years old. Will you be able to sleep if you don’t carry it on your back'..."

  In addition, he hopes to use this down-to-earth approach to add some of his personal imagination, "Mr. Lu Xun’s emotions are very rich, his feelings for his wife Xu Guangping, and his love for his son Zhou Haiying, present these gentle and delicate aspects to everyone. At the same time, I also traveled him to the present, as a middle-aged man, whether he plays with a smartphone, whether he makes a typo, etc."

  "I had the idea of ​​the song half a year ago. When I was officially creating it, it took about one week to ten days from writing the lyrics to the MV script landing, and then to the demo." Chen Yan said, there is no song at the moment. Like "Mr. Big", it praises Lu Xun with the popular street rap music and culture method that young people prefer.

"This method might be sprayed by netizens, but I am prepared for this. I don't want to create such a song to entertain the public, but hope to express through this kind of rap music that I like and is good at. Come and close the distance between everyone and the great man Mr. Lu Xun."

  Play with creativity

  "Contact" Lu Xun in WeChat group chat

  When making the "Mr. Big" MV, Chen Yan also played with fashion creativity, and established contact with Mr. Lu Xun through WeChat group chats over time-in the group, he simulated Lu Xun as a group friend, and Zhou Lingfei sent his grandfather Lu Xun from time to time. We chatted and visited Lu Xun’s former residence and Mrs. Lu Rui’s bedroom.

WeChat showed that the call with Lu Xun was being connected, and it stopped abruptly just before the connection was made. The MV ended, leaving room for the audience to imagine.

  The "Mr. Big" MV short video and songs are currently being played on platforms such as Beijing Lubo, the official Weibo of the Lu Xun Foundation, and NetEase Cloud Music.

The netizen "joongi13" said, "In this way to commemorate Mr. Lu Xun, the singer has lost his heart"; the netizen "Sit by the Wind" said, "Reminds me of the American stage play "Hamilton", which sings praises to great men in the form of rap. , Is groundbreaking."

  Sing to help out

  "We need a down-to-earth Lu Xun"

  By coincidence, during the song recording session, Chen Yan met Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Mr. Zhou Lingfei, who came to participate in the event in Lubo, Beijing.

Chen Yan strongly invited Zhou Lingfei to sing to help out, and completed the climax of the second half of "Mr. Big".

At the same time, the famous singer Cao Cao (pen name) and the hippo on the dam (pen name) were invited to sing together.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that in the first half of the short video of "Mr. Big" several rappers were singing, and Zhou Lingfei posted photos of his grandfather Lu Xun from time to time.

In the last half of the passage, Zhou Lingfei sang a few words in succession, "Call out his aka loudly".

According to reports, AKA is a popular term in hip-hop culture. It is the abbreviation of "Also Known As", which means also known, also known, and also known as.

When someone or something has a well-known alias, AKA can be used to introduce it.

  Talking about the practice of spreading Lu Xun in the form of popular songs for "Mr. Big", Zhou Lingfei believes that this is the popularization and three-dimensional reading of Lu Xun and Lu Xun's works and ideological spirit.

Zhou Lingfei told a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily that to popularize Lu Xun, first of all, it must be easy to learn and understand.

We need a Lu Xun who can be understood, grounded, touched and approachable.

"It is necessary to read in both plane and three-dimensional reading. Text reading is very important, but it must be admitted that three-dimensional reading has become the mainstream. Over the past 20 years, I have discussed Lu Xun with many people. The most common reflection of them is that Lu Xun’s works are not easy to understand. The reason is that they did not live in Lu Xun's time, and were out of the context of the time."

In his opinion, only by mobilizing the latest scientific and technological means to fully understand Lu Xun's life experience and mental journey can he better spread Lu Xun, promote Lu Xun, and make Lu Xun permanent in the hearts of the people.

  In an earlier interview, Zhou Lingfei talked about the difficulty of being Lu Xun's grandson: being called "Lu Xun's grandson" by his classmates, he was asked to study medicine when he was a soldier, write communications that he was not good at, and the company commander was surprised that he did not smoke. …Recently, due to an interview report being turned out, Zhou Lingfei has been on the hot search. The Weibo topic "The life of Lu Xun’s grandson who can’t hide from Lu Xun" has been read 340 million so far and has aroused 51,000 discussions.

  Regarding the hot search, Zhou Lingfei said "very unexpected".

At the same time, he also emphasized that everyone has unspeakable secrets and will encounter difficulties and unsatisfactory life in life.

It is not easy to be a descendant of a celebrity. I hope everyone will treat this matter with peace of mind.

  Text/Reporter Zhang Enjie

  Coordinator/Liu Jianghua