Correspondence: 1 teacher brings 7 babies to the teaching site of Inner Mongolia mountain village, much warmer

  China News Service, Liaoning, October 28th, title: Communication: 1 teacher with 7 babies in Inner Mongolia mountain village teaching site is much warmer

  China News Service reporter Zhang Linhu

  "I love education and children. Teaching them to study well is my lifelong pursuit. Even if there is only one child, I will stick to this teaching point." Said the 52-year-old Wei Yunxia.

  Wei Yunxia is a teacher at Fenghuangling Teaching Center in Yihe Tala Town Central School, Kailu County, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  Since stepping on the three-foot podium in 1989, Wei Yunxia has been teaching in the village elementary school for more than 30 years. She has dedicated her wholehearted love to education and batches of children in the village, tirelessly enriching with knowledge The heart of the student illuminates the light of hope for students to realize their ideals.

The picture shows Unallowed Xia in class.

Photo by Hu Jianhua

  With the advancement of rural education reform, some villages and primary schools in Kailu County have been integrated into the town center school, and Yihe Tala Town only retains two teaching sites.

  He could have left the teaching site with difficult conditions, or quit the front line of teaching, and went to the central school to wait for a casual job, but Wei Yunxia resolutely chose to continue teaching in the village.

  "The children here must be supervised and taught." This is the reason given by Wei Yunxia. Without the company of their parents, the childhood of rural children will be cast into a gray.

"We should give children a colorful childhood, improve their overall quality, and help them broaden their horizons."

  "I grew up in the village, and I can realize that it is not easy for children to study. The only way out of the country is to study hard." Wei Yunxia told reporters that for more than 30 years, she has stuck to the rural elementary school, just trying to do her little work. So that the children in these villages can read well.

The picture shows Xia Weiyun playing games with the children.

Photo by Hu Jianhua

  "3 plus 5 equals 8, 6 plus 2 equals 8..." Entering the Fenghuangling teaching site of Yihe Tara Town Center School, the neat and immature children's voice came to my ears.

  As the construction of the new school building for the Fenghuangling teaching site is under planning, currently only one old house built 40 years ago is retained.

  In the simple classroom, seven first-grade pupils are sitting at their desks, listening attentively to Teacher Wei's "Decomposition and Composition of 8".

  There is no heating here, only a stove, no modern teaching equipment and teaching aids, only blackboards and chalk.

The picture shows Unallowed Xia tutoring students.

Photo by Hu Jianhua

  However, although the classroom is rudimentary, Weiyunxia cleans it every day; although the walls are old, Weiyunxia decorates the posters colorfully and vigorously; although there are few students, Weiyunxia does not give every child the care But more.

  Or the family is poor, or the parents are divorced, most of the children in this class are taken care of by grandparents.

Wei Yunxia is not only the teacher in charge of these seven children, but also the teacher of mathematics and Chinese.

  Student Wang Shiyu’s father works outside all the year round. Whenever his mother can’t walk away because of taking care of her disabled grandmother, or in bad weather like wind and rain, Wei Yunxia takes on the task of transporting the children to and from school. .

The picture shows Unallowed Xia came to make up lessons for Wang Shiyu.

Photo by Hu Jianhua

  "Teacher Wei cares about me like a family member. Last Wednesday, I was accidentally scratched by a cat. My mother took me to get a vaccine and missed a class. Teacher Wei came to the house to give me a supplementary lesson." Xiao Shiyu blinked clear. With big eyes, said seriously.

  Pick up and drop off the children to and from school, make up lessons for the children, play games with the children, talk with the children...they are not allowed to go to school.

She teaches with passion, educates people with great love, and warms students from time to time with practical actions.

  Wei Yunxia told reporters that in teaching, she attaches great importance to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

"High standards and strict requirements for students with good levels, excellence, set catch-up goals for middle-level students and urge them to catch up on a regular basis, do not reject, do not sarcasm, do not give up, pay attention to and special counseling for students with poor levels, so that They see hope, experience success, and finally seek overall progress." Wei Yunxia said.

The picture shows Wei Yunxia chatting with his father-in-law and husband about education.

Photo by Hu Jianhua

  The reporter learned that after teaching for more than 30 years, Wei Yunxia was repeatedly rated as a model class teacher at the town level, an excellent teacher, a pacesetter of teacher ethics, and a teaching expert at the county and city levels.

In September 2021, Wei Yunxia was rated as an outstanding rural teacher in Tongliao City.

  As the weather gets colder day by day, Xia Weiyun comes to the class 20 minutes earlier than usual these days, lights up the stove, warms up the classroom, and welcomes the children.

  Perseverance, seeding, inheritance... In fact, Weiyunxia's love for education is due to the special complex of the "teacher's home".

  The father is a teacher, the father-in-law is a teacher, and the husband is a colleague.

Under the influence of such a family, Wei Yunxia's daughter has also become a primary school teacher, nurturing peaches and plums on the podium cultivated by her grandparents and fathers.

  "In another 3 years, I will retire. But as long as I am on duty, I will take every class well. I am willing to continue to be a lamp to light up the children's way." Wei Yunxia said.