Louise Bernard 11:59 am, October 27, 2021

Soon to be broadcast in the first part of the evening on France 2, this new program is inspired by an album created by a music teacher from Hauts-de-Seine last year.

"La Fête de la Liberté" will defend values ​​such as education and women's rights, by welcoming various French artists.

A new entertainment program for Daphné Bürki.

The Culturebox co-host launches "La Fête de la liberté", on France 2. It will be an evening recorded at the Bataclan according to our colleagues from Le



On the program: many artists from various backgrounds such as Joey Starr, Gautier Capuçon, Ahmed Sylla, or the singer Yseult.

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Defend education and women's rights

The show will be a prime-time on France 2, inspired by the album "Jours de Gloire", a disc released last year on the initiative of a music teacher from Hauts-de-Seine, Sébastien Boudria.

He had brought together many artists to read texts that defend values ​​such as education and women's rights.

These same values ​​will therefore be highlighted during this new program with texts by Joséphine Baker, Albert Camus, Olympe de Gouges, Jean Jaurès and Victor Hugo.

Dancing and singing sequences will also be performed, always according to

Le Parisien