The Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the stress felt by the population, reveals a study conducted in the United States on just over 3,000 people.

It has impacted our decision-making process, including the simplest everyday choices.

The work, titled "Stress in America," was published on Tuesday by the American Psychological Association (APA), reports



Our body does not know where the stress comes from, it just knows that we are stressed, emphasizes psychologist Vaile Wright, director of innovation at APA.

“When this level of uncertainty begins to overwhelm our coping mechanisms, even the smallest tasks can start to become overwhelming,” she explains.

Americans are struggling with the basic decisions required to navigate daily life as the effects of pandemic-related stress continue to take a toll, especially on younger adults and parents, according to our latest Stress in America survey.

- American Psychological Association (@APA) October 26, 2021

Optimism for post-Covid

Parents, young adults and people of color are the most affected by the phenomenon.

47% of parents surveyed said they had trouble making easy decisions.

Hispanic or black people, particularly affected by nervousness related to the coronavirus, feel more concerned than white subjects.

61% of those polled also revealed that the pandemic had pushed them to rethink their way of life.

For 49% of them, it prevented them from projecting themselves into the future.

The most affected are especially young people, specifically Generation Z and "millennials".

On the adult side, stress caused headaches and a feeling of overwhelm in 74% of them.

However, 70% of study participants assured of being confident for the post-Covid period.

"This optimism is a feeling that everyone can exploit now, even during the pandemic", explains Vaile Wright in conclusion of this work.


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