Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter or sunny and rainy, every morning, at the bus station in Xiaomi City, Yuzhong District, you can see an energetic newspaper seller. His name is Shi Chaojun. He is 65 years old and has been selling newspapers on the street for 36 years. From youth to old age, rain or shine every day.

Years of selling newspapers allowed him to develop the habit of reading newspapers every day and waking up at 4 in the morning. In addition, he also gained a lot of "fans".

Shi Chaojun said that he would keep selling the newspaper until he couldn't run.

  Selling newspapers for 36 years, develop two habits

  "It's been so many years, you are still selling newspapers here! It's time to rest." "I will get a copy of both types of newspapers." ... The reporter met Shi Chaojun at the bus station in Xiaomi City, Yuzhong District yesterday, and many citizens Taking care of his business.

  Shi Chaojun is a native of Luohuang, Jiangjin. After graduating from junior high school, he went to work in Yuzhong District. In 1985, he was introduced to sell newspapers. “Initially, newspapers were sold for 5 cents, but the price increased several times in the middle. Now they sell for 1 yuan.” Shi Chaojun He told reporters that at first he was walking around in the street yelling and selling newspapers. In 1992, in addition to selling newspapers, he also started to sell newspapers. He has been selling newspapers for 36 years. He has been selling newspapers here for more than 20 years.

  After selling newspapers for 36 years, Shi Chaojun has a deep feeling for newspapers.

Shi Chaojun told reporters that in the past few decades, he has developed two habits-reading newspapers every day and not seeing the newspapers a day. He panicked and felt a sense of loss.

Getting up at 4 am every day is more punctual than the alarm clock.

"If I don't sell newspapers, I really don't know what I'm used to getting up at 4 in the morning. Selling newspapers can exercise my body. I read all the newspapers every day to learn about the world and gain knowledge." Shi Chaojun also said jokingly. Sometimes I don’t sell newspapers during the Spring Festival holiday, and I get back pain from playing at home, but when I sell newspapers, I immediately feel energetic.

  Get fans and help people keep newspapers every day

  Shi Chaojun wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to wait for the newspapers. After all the newspapers are available around 7 a.m., he sets up a stall selling newspapers from his home near Jiaochangkou, and does not close the stall and return home until about 2 p.m.

Shi Chaojun said that he can sell hundreds of newspapers every day and earn nearly 2,000 yuan a month.

  After 36 years of rain or shine, Shi Chaojun has also gained a lot of fans.

After standing here for nearly 40 minutes, the reporter noticed that the people who came to buy the newspaper seemed to be familiar with Shi Chaojun. Before most customers spoke, he knew what newspaper the other party wanted to buy, so he took the newspaper and handed it over.

After the newspapers were sold, he also exchanged greetings with customers, such as what the weather was like today, what dishes did he buy today, and so on.

"My wife likes to read newspapers. In recent years, I have basically bought them from him every day." Aunt Liu, a citizen, told reporters.

  "Many of the people who come to buy newspapers are regular customers. They almost always read the newspaper every day. Some customers can't buy it every day, so they ask me to keep them and take them every few days." Shi Chaojun got under his seat. He took out a thick stack of various newspapers in his canvas bag and said that these were reserved for 7 customers. He never asked the customers' names and contact information, but put these newspapers in the bag every day when he went out of the booth, and the customers They are all very trustworthy, and I came and took them back every few days.

  Shi Chaojun insisted on selling newspapers for 36 years, not only because he had a quote, but also because there were such a batch of "reporters" who insisted on reading newspapers.

Shi Chaojun said that as long as he can run, he will stick to it.

  Chongqing Evening News-Upstream news reporter Zhang Chunlian photo report