The yuzu hot spring service has begun at a hot spring facility in Masuda City, the largest yuzu producing area in Shimane Prefecture.

At the hot spring facility in Mito-cho, Masuda City, we provide a yuzu hot spring service every year according to the harvest time in order to promote the specialty yuzu.

On the 26th of the first day, about 250 freshly harvested yellow-colored citrons were floated in the open-air baths for men and women, respectively, before the opening at 8 am.

The bathers who visited were relaxing while being wrapped in a unique sweet and sour scent.

A 77-year-old man from Masuda City, who often uses this hot spring, said, "I came here first thing in the morning when I heard that this was my first yuzu hot spring, but it's a very nice hot spring. I'm satisfied with the scent of yuzu." I was talking.

Yuzuyu is held every Tuesday until December 21, the day before the winter solstice.