Too many "idle people" at the grassroots level?

More positive incentives and less negative incentives

  "Setter", "Old Predecessor", "Invisible Man", "Bootman", "Big Head Soldier"?

  According to recent reports from Banyuetan, in some places, grassroots governments still have mixed work, large volumes, uneven busyness, and idle personnel.

A small number of cadres have unclear goals and are indifferent to the assessment tasks. They have given up their efforts while also letting go of their responsibilities.

The article also portrays five kinds of grassroots idlers: “setters” who push up and down, “old people” who are hopeless in promotion, “invisible people” who can pass by, “man who has a hard time to speak”, and “big heads” who are in vain. Soldiers".

  I have to say that the portraits of these five idlers are very vivid and lively as if standing in front of them.

Some of them do not take responsibility and do nothing. If everything can be done, they will do it. "Non-stick pan" has become a habitual operation. Nonsense; some people have no pursuit, and even make people unable to feel their existence...

  Of course there are subjective factors.

The "self-exile" and "active fleeing" of grassroots cadres are undoubtedly an important reason for the idleness.

However, in reality, the problem is not that simple.

Which young man didn't have any ambitions when he entered the job?

Which cadre doesn't want to do something to achieve himself?

Which unit has less passionate enthusiasts?

  However, not to mention that anyone's success requires suitable soil and water, just say normal survival. In many cases, it will be controlled by external people and things.

For example, if a person is rubbing at the grassroots level for a long time, he will often wear away his enthusiasm and sharpness, so that it becomes more and more like a "pebbles"; another example, if it sinks for a long time, it is too grounded, maybe Only work is left, and the "antenna" is forgotten. Another example is that if a cadre is always busy and is often treated as a backer, how can he have passion and drive?

  In recent years, it is not uncommon for grassroots cadres to be promoted hopelessly and to be blamed at every turn.

Like Li Zhongkai, a white-haired cadre born in the 1980s in Yunnan, reported by the media before, it has attracted the attention of many netizens.

Fortunately, Li Zhongkai was eventually promoted. With a stage to display his talents, more grassroots cadres may belong to the "silent majority."

  Therefore, for those idlers who are at the grassroots level, in addition to strengthening education and motivating their initiative to start business and take responsibility, they should also provide more active supply from more levels, fundamentally reverse the grassroots style, and boost the cadres. Morale.

  For example, continue to smooth the "upward steps" of grassroots cadres, truly regard grassroots work experience as a rigid requirement for the promotion and use of cadres, and at the same time avoid "one size fits all" on the age line of appointing cadres.

After all, those cadres who have worked hard at the grassroots level, have directly dealt with the people, and directly dealt with affairs have a better understanding of the reality and have better methods and methods.

For example, agencies at all levels must uphold the thinking of reform, continuously promote the sinking of work force, and resolutely avoid the situation of agency expansion.

  Improving the governance system and governance capabilities is not just empty talk, but a system that should fall into actual operation.

The grassroots is the end of governance, and it is also the key to governance. Whether or not it is effective and how effective it is, it does not depend on the expression of slogans, but on how we treat each individual.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Long Zhizhu