[Explanation] October 25th is the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the legal seat of the United Nations by the People’s Republic of China.

On the same day, the 2021 Nanjing Peace Forum, co-sponsored by UNESCO, Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City, is being held.

  [Explanation] In 2020, Nanjing and UNESCO signed a memorandum of cooperation, which will continue to co-host the Nanjing Peace Forum every year from 2020 to 2022.

Why did UNESCO choose Nanjing, China to hold forums with the theme of peace for many years?

  [Concurrent] Xia Zehan, representative of the UNESCO representative office in China

  Nanjing is a special city in the world.

Nanjing is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. It is a city of peace and a city of hope.

  [Explanation] The 2021 Nanjing Peace Forum takes "Harmony and Coexistence: Peaceful Coexistence with Nature" as its theme, advocates "shared social responsibility", "shared solutions" and "creates a sustainable future together", and promotes Chinese ideas, youth responsibilities and international concerns. Fusion.

  [Concurrent] Xia Zehan, representative of the UNESCO representative office in China

  This year is a special year. Through our joint efforts, we will create peace for mankind and nature, and peace is what the whole world needs.

We all look forward to a more beautiful China and the world. We have only one earth and no "records".

Nanjing is an important city that creates peace. It brings people of different cultures together and exchanges ideas about peace with each other. The United Nations calls it a cross-cultural dialogue.

  [Explanation] Peace does not only mean the absence of war, but also eliminates the threat of war and conflict from the root by actively practicing the concept of sustainable development.

"Everything gets its own life, and each gets its own life." Peace is not only limited to human society, but also exists in the relationship between man and nature.

  [Concurrent] Matteo, Representative of International Agricultural Development Fund in China

  China has made remarkable progress in the past 40 years. The most important thing is that China has successfully transformed its economic achievements into social benefits.

China recently announced that it will no longer build or invest in coal-fired power plants overseas. This is a great promise.

It will help China's economy and the companies that maintain the economy to achieve a natural improvement and zero net emissions by 2060. This is a positive measure to contribute to the global response to climate change.

  [Explanation] When governments and international organizations are actively acting for sustainable development, youth groups are also widely participating in this global action.

Zhao Xiang, a young man from Jiangsu, has been stationed in Sanjiangyuan since 2011. He led the team to discover rare species such as yellow-throated mink and sambar. Many studies have attracted the attention of the world's scientific research community.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Xiang, Director of Shanshui Nature Conservation Center

  Today, when globalization is constantly developing, when we are discussing global peace, I think each of us should be a responsible consumer first, and we should use less plastic products, disposable products, etc., because these things They are all natural resources.

I hope that everyone will become more tolerant and diverse, listen to other different cultures and values, and try to understand others. Only in this way can we form a dialogue and all changes are possible.

  [Explanation] Today, 50 years later, the scope of peace extends beyond human society.

In terms of natural ecological protection, ecological civilization and coexistence, China is an active practitioner and has made great efforts.

  [Concurrent] Liu Cheng, professor of Nanjing University and host of the UNESCO Chair in Peace Studies

  The United Nations is a worldwide organization. After China joined the United Nations, along with the improvement of China's own national strength, China's importance has become increasingly prominent.

The relevant bills initiated by the United Nations, and our China's practice, increasingly reflect the responsibility and responsibility of China as a major country.

The world revolves around the major theme of peace, including the peace between man and nature that we are talking about today. We in China are all active practitioners and have made great efforts.

With China's contribution to the United Nations and to the world (more), our human world and nature will get better and better.

  Zhang Chuanming reports from Nanjing, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]