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The crescent is the source of happiness

Abdullah Al Kaabi

October 27, 2021

The presence of the Saudi Al-Hilal team in the AFC Champions League final is normal and usual. These are your benefits, leader. You are the strongest Asian team, the experienced team, always the champion.

The Crescent is more than the honor of Saudi football at the level of Asia, it is the source of joy and joy for its fans and lovers, it is the global Asian leader, his fans are everywhere, it is the title of happiness, rather it is the Ministry of Happiness.

Al Hilal is the one who spreads happiness everywhere, Al Hilal in the final all wishes and success, and that the championship is crescent and the eighth for the Hilal leader, Asia knows its leader, and Asian clubs count a thousand accounts for the leader, but tremble when they face Al Hilal.

In numbers and statistics, the Al Hilal team is the strongest in the Asian continent, and it is the ambassador of Saudi football, and who offers the beautiful and easy ball, and I always say that Al Hilal makes stars, whether from players or coaches, and the names are many and many. The advantage of big teams is what makes stars and talents, and Al Hilal is a talent mine. , whether from the club’s sons or the players coming to it, and everyone knows that Al Hilal is an attractive environment for distinguished players, and it is one of the great teams that possesses the hero’s personality, and evidence of this is the last match against Al-Raed.

The return of the youth team is a public demand, especially after strengthening its ranks. The big team returned from Jeddah with an important victory against Al-Ittihad, and the most important thing is continuity in work and reaping points. long breath.

I mentioned it in more than one article, the problem of the Saudi victory is administrative, and this is reflected on the team. Administrative stability is important, and most importantly, sitting with the Moroccan player, Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, because his problems are many, and this affects the team.

The sweetness of the Saudi League is the return of the big teams.. Everyone knows that the Saudi League is the strongest in the Arab world.

• Al Hilal is an attractive environment for distinguished players, and it is one of the great teams that possesses a hero's personality.

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