• TF1 was broadcasting the ninth episode of 

    Koh-Lanta: The legend

     this Tuesday evening.

  • At the end of the first ordeal of the post-reunification banished, Namadia bowed to Coumba.

    The day before, he had been eliminated to everyone's surprise by Alix, Alexandra and Clémence.

  • “Why not Claude?

    Does it have more impact at some point?

    It is to them that the question must be asked, ”asks the candidate to 

    20 Minutes


A little tour in the arena and then leave.

This Tuesday, Namadia bade farewell to



Last week, the candidate was suddenly eliminated by Alix, Alexandra and Clémence.

According to the latter, it is because Namadia already had a ballot in his name following his defeat in the immunity test that their choice fell on him.

"The voice against me was not used much when you do the accounts […] they could bring down anyone," says Namadia who wonders why they did not prefer to vote against Claude.

During the council of your elimination, Jade and Laurent say that you were "thoroughly" on Alexandra.

What did they mean by that?

I got along really well with Alexandra.

We exchanged a lot, we discussed, we laughed.

I even said we were protecting her.

When we go to the council, Jade tells me that she doesn't feel it: “come on, let's change, we'll go to Alexandra, you never know”.

And I said to her: “no, no, no, not Alexandra, she's someone I like, that's out of the question.

That's why at the board, Jade said I kept defending her.

Did the reaction of Jade, who was in tears and wanted to leave following your elimination, surprise you?

It surprised me because I told myself that she was touched, that it really upset her.

This is something I can understand because we talked a lot with Jade, we hit it off right away and this is the person who was protecting me and I was protecting.

She was with the girls and told me what the girls wanted to do, and I with the boys, I told her what the boys wanted to do.

We were a bit of the two spies for each of the groups.

Alix, Alexandra and Clémence would not have voted against you if you had not finished in last place in the immunity test.

Do you still blame yourself?

Whatever happens, I blame myself for this last place.

I should have fought more and not be the last.

Clémence offers Alexandra and Alix to vote against Claude and they refuse to vote Claude.

But Clémence makes them the proposal… So afterwards, why not Claude?

It is to them that the question must be asked.

The voice against me hasn't been of much use when you're doing the math.

With the amulet that Clemence gave to Alix and their three voices, they could bring down anyone.

If I hadn't had that voice, maybe it would have changed things.

But my voice in addition, when we do the accounts, it is not very useful.

You say you have to ask them why they did not vote against Claude.

But why do you think they didn't?

This is the question I am asking myself.

When Clémence offers them Claude and they say "no, not Claude", I don't understand.

Claude is yellow, he didn't share the adventure with you, you don't know him.

So why not Claude?

Does it have more impact at some point?

It is to them that the question must be asked.

And do you still blame them?

No, I don't even blame them.

Alix, from the start, it's been a bit like "either you or me."

»Clémence, I did not understand why she wanted to enter into this game of taking sides with the Reds when she had nothing to do with it.

She was not targeted at all, she was not in danger.

Alexandra's vote, I didn't understand.

It's a choice, it's a game. Everything in


is when you make choices, you have to assume them afterwards and not find excuses.

Alexandra broke the bond that united you by voting against you, but did you both try to make a clean sweep by reconnecting?

Until last Tuesday, I didn't know who was behind my elimination.

I didn't know why my name came out and who proposed it.

Tuesday, I understood it was Alexandra.

Since we got home, I didn't know who it was.

Indeed, I have not yet had time to talk about it with her but I think we will discuss it.

We are grown-ups, we can discuss as adults.

On the overall results of your season, do you regret anything in particular?

I enjoyed my adventure.

On that, I have no regrets.

The only regret I could have, when I was told to vote against Alexandra, I should have said to myself “yes, I don't care, as long as it's not me, I don't care.

But at that time, I didn't think like that.

Maybe if I had thought like that, I would still be in the game today.

What was the biggest difference between this adventure and the one you experienced in 2012?

It has nothing to do.

In 2012, I was in control in the sense that I wasn't saying everything I thought, I was in control of everything I did, everything I said.

There, it was quite the opposite, I really let go.

Of all the feedback I have had, people tell me that it shows that I had fun and people who know me tell me that I am seen on TV as I am seen in everyone's life days.

For me, it's still a small victory.


For fans, the broadcast of "Koh-Lanta" on Tuesday is a real test of discomfort.


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