Recently, the Inner Mongolia Museum of Natural History (Inner Mongolia Paleontological Fossil Conservation Institute) implemented the “Investigation of Cretaceous Paleontological Fossil Resources in Western Alxa” project in the Mazongshan area of ​​Alxa League in Inner Mongolia. The Luo stratum identified 10 paleontological fossils outcropping points, and discovered several dinosaur fossils of Ankylosaurus and Iguanodon. Among them, relatively complete dinosaur larvae fossils and turtle fossils were found during rescue sporadic collection.

  In the next step, the Inner Mongolia Natural Museum (Inner Mongolia Paleontological Fossil Conservation Research Institute) will repair and research the scattered paleontological fossils.

Determine the type, quantity, occurrence stratum, output status, distribution range, etc. of paleontological fossils, and find out the "household" of paleontological fossil resources in Inner Mongolia.

(Reporter Chen Feng comes from Inner Mongolia Natural Museum)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]