Severe storms with floods hit Sicily and claimed at least one death.

In Catania, a man died because, according to initial findings, his car got stuck on a flooded street.

Apparently, the 53-year-old got out of his car and was hit by the water.

According to the Ansa news agency, rescue workers found the man lifeless under his car.

He couldn't be resuscitated.

Extreme storms have been falling over eastern Sicily and parts of Calabria on the southern tip of Italy since Monday.

In Catania - at the foot of Mount Etna - parts of the city were completely flooded.

Water and mud flowed into a number of houses, and in some cases the power went out.

Mayor Salvo Pogliese wrote on Facebook of storms “which have never been with such force and intensity”.

He ordered all shops to be closed until midnight for security reasons - with the exception of pharmacies and grocery stores.

The inhabitants of Catania should not leave their homes, he wrote.

The civil defense predicted further storms for the region on Wednesday.

A man died on Sunday near Catania whose car was hit by the masses of water.

His body was recovered.

We are still looking for the woman who was also in the car.