Mako, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, married Kei Komuro on the morning of the 26th and left the imperial family.

In the afternoon, we will have a press conference with Mr. Komuro.

The marriage registration between Mako and Kei Komuro was submitted to the government office at around 10 am on the 26th through an agent of the Imperial Household Agency and accepted.

Mako left the imperial family due to her marriage and became "Mako Komuro".

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Imperial Household Agency will register Mako's departure from the imperial family in the "Imperial Family Register," which is the family register of the imperial family.

The marriage between Mako and Komuro, which was realized more than four years after the engagement was decided, became an unusual form in which the rituals and weddings associated with the marriage of the female royal family were not held and no lump sum payment was paid when leaving the royal family. ..

In the afternoon after this, Mako will attend a press conference with Komuro at a hotel in Tokyo.

Prior to this, Mako left the Akasaka Imperial Property Akishinomiya residence after 10 am and was sent off by her family and staff.

Mako, who had the bouquet in her hand, exchanged greetings with Mr. and Mrs. Akishinomiya and Mr. Yoshiko, and hugged Mr. Yoshiko.

On the other hand, Mr. Komuro left his home in Yokohama city in a suit after 8:30 am and thanked the gathered press and got into the car.

Approximately 50 people, including reporters from the Imperial Household Agency's press club, magazines and overseas media, will attend the press conference on the 26th.

Mako is expected to talk with Komuro about her feelings and future life.

The Imperial Household Agency said that Mako was very anxious about this interview and said that the first two people would like to convey, and that the questions asked in advance by the reporter will be answered in writing.

Mako Arrive at a hotel in Tokyo around 10:10 am

Mako and Komuro arrived at the hotel in Tokyo, which will be the venue for the press conference, by different cars at around 10:10 am.

The car went into the underground parking lot instead of the front door.