Mako, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, married Kei Komuro on the morning of the 26th and left the imperial family.

People from all over the country who have a connection with Mako have voiced congratulations on their marriage.

[Yamagata] The woman who demonstrated safflower dyeing

In June 2014, Mako visited the Benibana Museum in Kahoku-cho, where various materials related to Noriko and Yamagata's specialty safflowers are exhibited.

At that time, Miyoko Endo, the representative of the "Kahoku Town Safflower Dyeing Research Circle", demonstrated red flower dyeing.

According to Mr. Endo, Mako saw the handkerchief dyed with safflower dye and said, "It's dyed beautifully. It's a very nice color."

Looking back on those days, Mr. Endo said, "I was impressed by the quiet and elegant person who was watching quietly with Noriko."

Regarding Mako's marriage, she said, "I think it will be a wonderful marriage, so I congratulate you. The most important thing is to make you happy. Anyway, I want you to live a healthy and enjoyable life."

[Toyama] The inn that stayed for 4 days

In August 2002, 19 years ago, Mako visited the Gokayama region of Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, which is known for its World Heritage Gassho-zukuri village, with Mr. and Mrs. Akishinomiya and her sister, Yoshiko.

At that time, Mr. Hiromi Shimada, an inn in Toga Village, Nanto City, who stayed for four days, served as a catering clerk at that time.

Mr. Shimada says that Mako, who was 10 years old at the time, still clearly remembers how she was doing her summer vacation homework and how she seemed to enjoy making soba noodles.

In addition, the caring appearance of walking with the hand of my sister, Yoshiko, left a strong impression on me.

Mr. Shimada said, "I have the impression that I am a very solid young lady from that time, so I think I will be able to create a wonderful family with Mr. Komuro. I sincerely hope that you will be happy for a long time. I have various heartaches. I feel that this is the case, but I hope that you will build a happy new life in the future. "

[Tochigi] The man who explained his experiences during the war

Sadaki Tamada (94), who lives in the Senshin district of Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, was one of the Manchurian Pioneers who traveled to the former Manchuria and now northeastern China during the war, and was raised during the postwar predicament. We pioneered this area with our friends.

When the Emperor and his wife, who had been paying close attention to the people who had a hard time withdrawing after the war, visited the Nasu Imperial Villa in 2005, they talked with representatives of residents such as Mr. Tamada at the local public hall, and Mr. Tamada was during the war. It means that he explained the experience inside.

It means that he also exchanged words with Mako, who visited with him at that time.

In response to the announcement of the marriage, Mr. Tamada answered, "Mako at that time was still young, and when I asked her how old she was, she said,'I'm 13 years old. My sister is 10 years old.'" I got a friendly impression. I just want to congratulate you on the news of your marriage. I've been waiting for you for three years, so I hope you both live in harmony. "

[Nara] The chief priest who gave Noriko a girth

Obitoke-dera Temple in Nara City, known as a temple for praying for easy delivery, gave Noriko a girth before the birth of Mako, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino.

About the marriage of Mako and Kei Komuro The chief priest of Obitoke-dera, Kei Kuramoto, said, "I am very impressed that Mako's marriage is congratulations and it has been 30 years since I presented the obi. However, I want you to build a happy family with Mr. Komuro. "

[Gifu] The hometown of the pottery event that served as Honorary Governor

Congratulations were also heard from Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, which was the main venue for the "International Ceramics Festival Mino", where Mako was the honorary president.

"International Ceramics Festival Mino" is a global ceramics event that introduces the works of ceramic artists from all over the world, which is held once every three years. Mako has been appointed as Honorary President three times so far, and last month. I sent a video message at the time of the event.

Prior to the event, Mayor Masanori Furukawa of Tajimi City, who explained the event to Mako online, was impressed by the fact that Mako had specialized knowledge and perspectives and asked what points of the work were evaluated. It means that it remains in.

In addition, he was impressed by the fact that he sent an ale to the festival, which was held after a year's postponement due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Mayor Furukawa said, "Congratulations on your marriage. While Mako was sick during public affairs, she felt the same friendliness as an" ordinary girl "when she was eating. However, I want you to overcome it and be happy. I pray for the long-term happiness of Tajimi citizens, the ceramics industry, and the tile industry. "

Also, when Mako visited the Mosaic Tile Museum in Tajimi City, Mako Murayama, a curator who guided around the museum, seems to be very interested in the tools she sees for the first time and how to use them. It was.

Mr. Murayama said, "I was impressed by the carefree and cheerful smile that he showed me when explaining the history of tiles and how to make them. I want them to spend a happy time with a smile. I was blessed.

[Ishikawa] "Ukichiro Nakaya Snow Science Museum" Curator

"Ukichiro Nakaya Snow Science Museum" in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture is a facility that Mako visited six years ago, and Ukichiro Nakaya, who is from the local area, is known for her research on snowflakes.

Machiko Ishikawa, the curator who was in charge of the guidance in the hall, said that Mako, who smiled and listened to the explanation enthusiastically, was impressive.

Mako said, "I have read Ukichiro Nakaya's book" before the exhibition with the passage of the essay, and when I saw the experiment to generate "diamond dust", "Wow, it's amazing." It seems that he was enjoying himself.

Regarding Mako's marriage, Mr. Ishikawa said, "The appearance I see on TV has remained gentle since I met him. I want you to be really happy in the future with the feeling of congratulations on your marriage."

[Fukui] The man who guided the Ichijodani Asakura Ruins

Mako visited the Ichijodani Asakura site in Fukui City, where the Sengoku daimyo Asakura was based, when she visited Fukui Prefecture for the first time as a public affairs in conjunction with the "Fukui National Athletic Meet" held three years ago in 2018. Did.

At that time, Mr. Kiyoshi Kishida, the chairman of the Asakura Ruins Preservation Association, who guided the inside of the ruins, congratulated the two on their marriage while looking back on the situation at that time.

Mr. Kishida said about Mako's impression, "I thought that he was a friendly person who shook hands one by one with the people who rushed to the roadside immediately after arriving."

Regarding marriage, he said, "I am very pleased. I will live in the United States in the future, but if possible, I would like my family to come to Ichijodani again."

[Fukushima] The landscape architect who explained the Japanese garden in Bhutan

A landscape architect in Ishikawa Town, Fukushima Prefecture, who explained to Ms. Mako about Japanese gardens at an exposition held in Bhutan four years ago, congratulated her on "I want you to be happy."

Mako attended the "Flower Expo" four years ago when she made an official visit to Bhutan.

At that time, Mako enjoyed the Japanese garden of dry landscape garden created by Shigeji Nakata, a landscape architect in Ishikawa Town, with the locals.

Mr. Nakata, who played the role of explaining the garden, recalled his memories at that time, saying, "I was a cheerful and cheerful person who came in contact with Frank. I felt that he was knowledgeable and well-studied about Japanese culture." Was there.

In addition, I was impressed that Mako was thankful for the visit of the King and Mrs. Bhutan to encourage the victims of the disaster. "I am grateful and grateful as a citizen of Fukushima Prefecture. I thought he was also paying attention to Fukushima. "

Regarding this marriage, Mr. Nakata said, "I am really happy and I would like to congratulate you. It took me several years since my engagement, but I think that I got married because of Mako's core strength. I want them to be two people who can respect each other and raise each other. I want them to be happy. "

[Niigata] The veterinarian at the crested ibis breeding facility

Mako attended a ceremony held in Sado City three years ago to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Toki's return to the wild, a national special natural monument.

We also visited Toki Forest Park in Sado City, a breeding facility for crested ibises, and at that time, veterinarian Hozumi Homma (72), who served as a commentator, looked back on Mako's appearance at that time.

Veterinarian Homma said, "I was impressed by the quiet and gentle response of Rin. Mako said,'Toki color is my favorite color.' I don't know, but I was impressed that you were interested in Toki. "

On top of that, he congratulated the marriage of the two, saying, "I want you to be happy because we are princesses even if you leave the imperial family."

[Kobe] The botanical garden I visited when I was 16

In August 2008, when Mako was 16 years old, she and Mr. and Mrs. Akishino visited the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden in Nada Ward, Kobe City.

Eri Morishita (46), who was in charge of public relations for the botanical garden at that time, guided us for about an hour with the director.

According to Mr. Morishita, Mako walked slowly behind the couple while receiving an explanation from the director, and occasionally bent over to see alpine plants such as "geum pentapetalum".

Mr. Morishita said, "I remember the dignified appearance of those days. I want you to congratulate your marriage and build a happy family. I want you to visit the botanical garden again while looking back on those days." I did.

From Mako's college junior ...

A 30-year-old man who was a junior of the ski club to which Mako belonged at the university said, "Mako was a senior who was cheerful, friendly and dependable in the club, and was the center of the topic. A series of reports such as weekly magazines I was worried for a long time, but I am relieved that the two of us can finally start living. I think that I have accumulated a lot of hard work, so I want you to get married, change your living environment, change your mind, and live happily. " Was there.

Another junior woman said, "I think it took a long time to get married, but I'm really congratulations. I'm really happy. Of course, I think so, but I would like you to find your own happiness. "

Mako, who was in college, said that she was a senior who talked to me without hesitation. He was a person who warmly watched over all the members of the club, such as getting help. "

He said, "I think marriage will change my life completely, but I want you to spend happiness. I want you to live your marriage without worrying about others."